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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Two anti-fracking studies retracted

Hydraulic fracturing, which allows mankind to tap into difficult-to-reach reserves of carbon-based fuels, has made it possible for the West to rid itself of dependency on Third World dictatorships that finance terrorism. Naturally, lefties hate it and have tried to discredit it. Their attempts are backfiring as skeptics scrutinize their work and find it wanting.

From Retraction Watch, a guard against junk science:
The authors of two environmental papers, including one about the effects of fracking on human health, have retracted them after discovering crucial mistakes.
One of the studies reported an increased level of air pollution near gas extraction sites, and the other suggested that 2010’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico contributed to air contamination.
According to the corresponding author of both papers, Kim Anderson at Oregon State University, the journal plans to publish new versions of both papers in the next few days. In the case of the fracking paper, the conclusions have been reversed — the original paper stated pollution levels exceeded limits set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for lifetime cancer risk, but the corrected data set the risks below EPA levels.
The fracking paper received some media attention when it was released, as it tapped into long-standing concerns about the environmental dangers of hydraulic fracturing (fracking), which extracts natural gas from the earth. A press release that accompanied the paper quoted Anderson as warning:
"Air pollution from fracking operations may pose an under-recognized health hazard to people living near them."
Both papers, published in Environmental Science and Technology, were retracted on the same day (June 29), both due to mistakes in reported levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), pollutants released from burning oil, gas, and other organic matter.
The other retraction came from the University of Cincinnati.

From Energy In Depth:
The University of Cincinnati (UC) has yet to publish the results of a now year-old study that found no water contamination from hydraulic fracturing in a scientific journal, despite scrutiny, media attention, and numerous calls from groups and elected officials to do so.
This indefinite delay is all the more interesting considering that UC couldn’t wait to publish the results of its 2015 study that claimed fracking was causing significant air pollution in Carroll County. That study appeared in Environmental Science & Technology just three months after it was completed.
But the UC researchers’ urgency has apparently come back to bite them as they have just retracted the study due to “errors” and “incorrect” calculations.
We all make mistakes, but this looks suspicious. The big money is not with private industry, but rather with government, which wants industry discredited.


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  1. Each study had applied Mann's famous "hockey stick" to the data they collected.

  2. Our "betters" in the government, currently from the Progressive Left, will use our own taxpayer dollars to promote "evidence" to support their various projects designed to make our lives more expensive, more miserable, and more subject to their vision of how they think we should live. If such "evidence" is not to be found, they simply pay someone to make it up. Then they pay someone to demonize any contrary evidence or opinions. How can an otherwise normal, decent human being believe in such a racket, let alone participate. It has to be a mental problem. - Elric

  3. Very nice to see the egg splatters, but the anti-fracking pissants will still quote the old studies and ignore the revisions. After all the science is settled.

  4. Note that OPEC countries fund a lot of the
    Anti-fracking effort-Let them eat sand...

  5. ". . . the Progressive Left, will use our own taxpayer dollars to promote "evidence" to support their various projects designed to make our lives more expensive, . . ." [Elric @10:34 am]

    As all socialists, they stand ready to put YOUR money where THEIR mouth is.

  6. "Looks suspicious." Don, you are tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookind.

  7. News item yesterday: The University of Cincinnati has rolled out a new policy that requires faculty and staff applicants pledge their commitment to “diversity and inclusion.”

    The school is obviously too busy these days dealing with more important issues of diversity than to publish the truth. This sounds like a school on the make, one that has rolled out an administration "plan" to lift its national profile. Okay then, honey, do I leave the money I owe you on the table by the bed or do I pay you directly?

    1. Wait, I forgot to add the usual tagline: The Science is Settled. Much better now.

  8. America being able to tell OPEC to go pound sand will make a Trump Presidency far more memorable than Obama's "Storming the Bathrooms".