Saturday, July 02, 2016

Tweet of the day


  1. A bag over the head while perp walking would probably be a good idea. That way, she frightens neither horses nor small children.

  2. One thing-it is really hard to plea bargain espionage cases.
    Say she throws Huma under the bus like say a series of emails from Huma to her mother-"dearest Mummie- Durka Durka! Jihad, Durka Durka!
    did you get the plans to the
    B-2 I sent you?" etc. this is
    not out of the realm of possibility and Huma may find out she's not favored at all.
    I think there will be alot of desperation being generated
    from the Clinton war room...
    "James, put down that live mouse. not here!" "But ah haven't eaten since moltin'
    ah tends to Molt under stress!"
    That sort of thing.
    Schadenfreude smells nice in the morning...