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Friday, July 01, 2016

Trump Republican overreach

Asked three times by conservative talker Howie Carr if Loretta Lynch should recuse herself after her 40-minute private chat by Bill Clinton, Donald Trump demurred.

This upset a Never Trumper.

"This is why Trump is a fool and not fit to be the GOP nominee. THIS is actually where he should NOT be restrained," tweeted Bryan McGrath of the Conservative Wahoo blog.

But Trump's action made sense. When your opponent is drowning, don't throw them an anchor. Just watch. Had Trump said anything more, the headline would have been Trump Wants Lynch Recused and that would have made the story about him not her, and he would have come of as a meanie attacking an innocent woman.

Have Republicans learned nothing over the past 25 years?

Because every time the Clintons are caught, Republicans overreach and the press focuses on them, not the Crooked Clintons. From Whitewater to Paula Jones to Lewinsky to Benghazi to this mess, the Clintons break the law and Republicans pay the penalty.

Trump is not playing that game, OK?


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  1. Bull puckey!

    The correct standard is: How would candidate Romney or McCain have handled this question?

    They would have fallen over themselves to bare their throats (and ours by extension) to Obama and his minion in their inimitable reach-across-the-aisle zeal.

  2. Sometimes less is more. Let the Clintons sully themselves whenever possible. Perhaps the MSM will finally get tired of their antics....NAHHH! - Elric

  3. The Democrats, as reliable as a clock always bring up "War on Women' at election time. And as reliably as clockwork the Republicans go forth to fight the same fight on the same battlefields to lose the same way.

    For once I would like to see Republican candidates decide not to fight where, when, and on whatever subject the Democrats want.

    -Mikey NTH

  4. "Never interfere with your enemy
    while he is making a mistake."
    Hey, don't you get this?
    Trump is doing a strategic
    maneuver here. Think Crazy Horse, Little Big Horn...
    TG McCoy

  5. But there are other contexts in which he speaks forcefully about the corruption of the administration and the Clintons -- when is it appropriate to attack and when is it appropriate to demur?

    1. I am not an expert, but I would say that he should bring the heat to the Clinton's when no other heat is there, and back off when others are bringing it. That way it can be argued it isn't him bringing it so much as it is them attracting it.

      -Mikey NTH

  6. The "conservative" journalistic class has been watching the libs pull gotcha questions on politicians of the right for so long it has become a habit for them, too. Left wing conditioning really works that well. That's why you don't engage them--you attack them.

  7. "Had Trump said anything more, the headline would have been Trump Wants Lynch Recused and that would have made the story about him not her, and he would have come of as a meanie attacking an innocent woman." She's a Democrat; innocent she cannot be.

  8. I wonder whether IDF founder Shimon Naveh's comment regarding blitzkrieg might be said to apply to Trump's approach.

    "It was the opposite of a doctrine. Blitzkrieg consisted of an avalanche of actions that were sorted out less by design and more by success."

    1. Be nimble enough to reinforce success when and where it occurs.

      -Mikey NTH

  9. One thing the media have not figured out is that Trump has a few more brain cells working then they have between all of them. He has been successful in his business endeavors because he understands his opponents and correctly anticipates their moves. He is working inside their OODA loops, and they are disoriented by him.