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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Today's anti-Trump bull in the Washington Post

Washington Post today: "People with money on the line still don’t think a Trump nomination is a sure bet."

New York Post on March 2, 2016: "One bookie is already paying out bets that Trump wins GOP nomination."

That is right. Four months after PaddyPower Betfair in Dublin, Ireland, paid off the bets. along comes a Washington Post story that to perpetrate the lie -- 100 percent lie -- that Trump is the nominee.

Such is the power of snarking, weaselly, Republican political consultants. They keep whispering in ears of the press corps and under the ownership of Jeff Bezos, the Washington Post uses Doppler radar for any and all anti-Trump leads.

From the Washington Post:
We are now a little more than a week away from the start of the Republican National Convention, when the GOP will officially select its nominee. Some still aren't convinced that nominee will be Donald Trump.
We aren't just talking about diehard #NeverTrumpers who can't help but Keep Hope Alive. There are people out there who put their own money on the line, wagering on the outcome of real-life events. People whose financial success depends on their ability to accurately predict the future. And those people think the presumptive presidential nominee can't presume the nomination battle is behind him — they see a 10-11 percent chance Republicans will leave Cleveland with someone else at the top of the ticket.
That figure, via to the Iowa Electronic Markets, represents a bigger chance than any other presumptive nominee in recent history.
So some parlor game by a professor at the University of Iowa somehow is more reliable than the professional bookies.

By the way, working against the nominee is a surefire way to lose your influence in the Republican Party. Nelson Rockefeller found that out after the 1964 election.


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  1. Do it and you really do elect Cacklepants.

  2. So Donald attacks Bezos back in December because the government doesn't tax Amazon enough (huh?) and because Bezos is operating a monopoly that needs to be broken up (although Trump can enter into this business category tomorrow and actually has with failures Trump Steaks and From his unsubstantiated statements, it is apparent that Trump thinks that the WaPo, owned by Bezos is attacking the GOP candidate unfairly. The facts of the matter are: (1) The WaPo has been supporting Democrats throughout history and (2) Bezos is a Democrat. There is nothing less complicated than these conditions which smart politicians would recognize instantly - but not Donald.

    So Donald makes up things at night while firing out his hate tweets. The terrible truth is that reporters like Don Surber buy into the Trump lies.
    Did you know that Trump The Game was sold through Amazon?

    1. Standard Oil was broken up under the same conditions, idiot.

  3. So Bezos of the WP is now the Bookies' Confidante?

    As they say in the stables, "a little dope goes a long way."