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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Today in Never Trump Land

The Washington Post is a fascinating publication. Under the deft guidance of neophyte publisher Jeff Bezos, it has become the Washington Huffington Post, ready, willing, but so far unable to bring down Donald Trump.

I liked this installment:

From Ed O'Keefe: "Not so fast: Defeated anti-Trump delegates vow trouble during the convention."

Unable to destroy the Death Star from within, the Rebel Forces from Colorado - which appointed only Cruz supporters to its delegation -- vowed to make life a living heck in Cleveland.
“If they thought they were going to have the nice, unified kumbaya show, they just completely guaranteed they’re not going to have it,” said Kendal Unruh, a GOP delegate from Colorado who led an anti-Trump group.
Cruz Lives Matter. Maybe they'll touch the do-not-touch exhibits at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. That will show Trump!


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  1. When they fail to stop Trump on the convention floor they will actively campaign against him in the general election. After Trump wins the general election the NeverTrumpers will plot to have "faithless electors" abandon him in the Electoral College so that the election will be thrown into the House where they will expect Jeb! or Mitt or even Paul Ryan to get the nod. Hope springs eternal for these loonies.

    1. Trump will lose. Also, #NeverTrump just means that we will not vote for Trump. We're trying to replace him with someone who can win. But if Trump's supporters prefer to lose, so be it. Our x consciences are clear. We tried to save the GOP, but it refused to be saved.

    2. Let's be clear here...In a two-way race against Hillary, refusing to vote for Trump is NOT an act of conscience, it's an act of selfishness.

    3. Trump will kick Killary so badly that it won't be close enough to go to the House. You may as well start planning the inauguration - she hasn't a chance, and the NeverTrump people are going to be relegated to the sidelines for the rest of their miserable lives.

    4. It doesn't work that way. If it gets thrown to the House they have to pick from the top 3 vote getters.

    5. Not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary and 2 or 3 new hard-left SCOTUS justices.
      The 2nd amendment will be badly compromised along with the 1st. Pretty much the end of America as we know it.

    6. That's not the way it works.

      In an undecided presidential race, the House chooses between the three candidates with the most electoral votes; the Senate determines the VP from the top two. So, the #NTs cannot hope for whomever is the current Rino flavor-of-the-month. However, we could theoretically see a D/R or R/D set of winners.

  2. Another cunning plan from the GOP's Prince of Archness.

  3. Colorado has gone to pot, I guess literally. We'll have to try the not-so-far-fetched ploy with them "Due to the increased turnout expected this year, those voting for Trump please come by on on Tuesday, November 8. Hillary voters and potheads please come by on Wednesday"...

  4. When I hear the name "Kendal Unruh," I have the same reaction as when I hear the name "Bat Guano."

  5. When I hear the name "Kendal Unruh," I have the same reaction as when I hear the name "Bat Guano."

  6. If only Trump weren't running as the consummate insider/establishment man. Oh, wait.

    Let's face it, Republicans can't win if they run their favored son. Even with people like me, who vote Republican because of the alternative, voting for them. There needs to be a candidate who can bring in more center independents and center Democrats. Guess who that might be this time around?