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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Weekly No Standards

Donald Trump has exposed the conservative commentariat in the capital for what it is: a bunch of political operatives who raise the Reagan banner over a series of policies that undermine Reaganism. Let me make this as clear as day with but one example: Reagan was less free trade than Trump.

The temper tantrum by Never Trump displays their hypocrisy for the whole world to see.

Consider the gloating by Jay Cost of the Weekly Standard over a federal judge's decision to allow people who were assigned as delegates because they promised to vote for Trump to renege.

This outrageous act of judicial activism drew praise from a publication that is conservative in name only. Virginia Republicans very well have the right to set up the selection process for the delegates any way they choose. They chose to hold a Republican primary on March 1, 2016. Voters were told -- promised -- under state law that the delegates would be divvied up proportionally based on how each candidate fared in the election. Trump won 17 delegates, Rubio 16, Cruz 8, Kasich 5.

Now a federal judge dares to tell them no, they cannot do that?

How liberal of him.

However, this is a sneak attack by Ted Cruz, who is nearly Hillaryan when it comes to honor and honesty.

Two months after voters decided he was worth only 8 delegates, that lying, sneaky, married-to-Goldman Sachs, insider, DC lifer* Ted Cruz stole a majority of delegates. (*15 of his 20 adult years were spent in Washington.)


By getting his fellow liars appointed to the delegation. They are Cruz cheats disguised as Trump delegates. The plan was to vote for Trump in the first round, Cruz thereafter.

Since Virginia's delegates are unbound after the first ballot in Cleveland, the selection of a preponderance of Cruz backers to fill those delegate slots means that most of them could flip their votes to Cruz if Trump, who is less than 237 delegates away from clinching the 1,237 he needs to win, fails to get there on the first ballot. So while Trump won the state's primary on March 1 with 34% of the vote -- far ahead of rivals Cruz at 16% and John Kasich at 9% -- the results from Virginia mean his votes from the state's delegation could evaporate later on.
But Trump and his supporters did far better than 1,237. Trump has 1,543 delegates -- and the thief Cruz has only 559.

And so they cheat again. Like the liberals they really are deep in their heart -- they just use conservatism to gain power -- Cruz and company went to court and got a federal judge to overrule the state law binding 17 delegates to Trump. Cruz worked to get Carroll Correll appointed as a Trump delegate and now Correll is allowed to vote against Trump in an effort to sabotage the Republican Party.

Less than 17 percent of Virginia voters voted from Cruz. But he gets the delegates?

Such deceit has the blessing of the Weekly Standard.

Ultimately, delegates to the Republican National Convention should follow the lead of Madison and Burke. If they think Trump is the right choice, that is fine. But if they do not, they should not feel morally bound to vote for him. Their responsibility above all else is to the wellbeing of the Republican party—not just in 2016, but beyond. If their consciences are telling them that Trump is detrimental to the GOP, they have a duty to follow that instinct.
Nope. Before following the words of Madison and Burke, Carroll Correll should keep his word. He pledged to Trump. 

He is a liar and if you hire him as a lawyer after this, you are a fool.

The system is rigged, and the Weekly Standard has no standards. Anything to win. They want another Democratic Party administration, which I guess helps drag in the donations easier than a Republican one does. Obama must have been better for business than Bush was.


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  1. I stopped reading the Weekly Standard even before I stopped reading National Review. I could cut their pretentiousness with a knife. - Elric

    1. "Big government conservatism" coined by Fred Barnes did it for me. It was like "four legs good, two legs better" in Animal Farm. No better proof of the uniparty of cosmopolitan elites in control of everything.

    2. Well, it took a long time but at least Trump proved one thing to you misguided Rs and "conservative writers": There has been a "uniparty of cosmopolitan elites in control of everything" for some quite time now, not just the last eight years.
      I can't help but laugh though at you teapartyquack and the rest of you Surbots at this. Had Trump never ran for the presidential nomination, you Surbots would so sucking up to Ted Cruz ... or Bush ... or any other "Re" simply because they have an "R" next to their name. Congrats. You are halfway to the light.

    3. Surbots? Where do you get off, Buckwheat?

    4. Wherever it is, I can tell you you're going to have a size 12 lime green New Balance planted deeply in your you know where upon disembarking. And I have toe fungus too, so you may experience some GI issues for a time. Get outta here, you troll...

    5. Surbots? I thought my trolls decided on minions years ago, long before "Despicable Me" came out. Oh well...

    6. Something to what you say, Anon, though in 2004, I voted third party.

      But if the third Bush had won the nomination this year, I might have sucked it up and voted for him in the general election over Hillary.

      The worst Republican always seems better -- all right, less evil -- than the best Democrat.

      Put it this way, since the first Clinton, have the Democrats EVER embarked upon a strategy that is designed to woo disaffected Republicans?

      No, they never have; they run to the far left; pander to the worst elements within their party and offer disaffected Republicans nothing at all.

      Look at O, Hillary, and Sanders all kissing the BM ring. How else to register disgust with that other than by voting for the Republican standard-bearer, whoever he may be?

    7. Thanks Mark - you are one of the few who understand the big picture. I totally admire Trump for bringing the R section of the "uniparty of cosmopolitan elites in control of everything" to its knees. I just wish Trump truly had a game plan to offer. That is all that is keeping me from voting for him. Ive said numerous times, no way I am voting for Hillary. Maybe in four years, we will have true candidates of the people - with true sensible plans - to choose from.

  2. Ken Cuccinelli was working in tandem with the Cruzbots to steal these delegates from Trump. I used to like Cuccinelli. A lot of people used to like Paul Ryan, too. This election is smoking out a lot of RINO crapweasels.

  3. They should rename the tabloid the weakling standard, or the meekly drivel. So many rinos exposed this election season. I can handle dealing with those openly opposed to me. Those that pretend to support then feignt is diabolical.

  4. At the beginning of the Republican primary season (before Iowa), I had a reasonably high opinion of Cruz. This whole primary has been very revealing of his lack of character.

    Steve in Greensboro

  5. Never had anything to do with any publication that would call itself the Weekly Standard (what, they're better than everybody else?), especially when I saw one of its editors is Freddy Barnes.

    PS For a guy who calls himself a Christian, the One True Ted (and, yes, when I looked into his background, I noticed how connected he was and how much time he'd spent in DC) should have remembered those who exalt themselves shall be humbled.

    I also note he was happy to take a seat on Air Force One down to Dallas yesterday and has yet to say a word about Barry's despicable conduct.

    Some Conservative.

    1. "the One True Ted"

      Smartacus cares not for rules and delegate counts.

      Ramming Speed...!