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Friday, July 08, 2016

The "senseless" Washington Post

It's no secret among media people that under Jeff Bezos the Washington Post has lost its damned mind over Donald Trump. He could raise millions for veterans and donate a million of his own and they would find fault.

Oh wait. They did.

Today's psychotic episode would embarrass liberals if the ever were embarrassed by their fellow travelers.

From the Washington Post:
This morning, Donald Trump released a very un-Trumpian statement on the tragedy in Dallas. The six paragraphs include no reference to the potential political motives of those who killed five police officers and injured seven more. He doesn't suggest that anti-police rhetoric could have caused such violence, as he has before. And he doesn't boast about having predicted that such an event would occur, as he did after the mass shooting in Orlando last month.
But what's missing may be less notable than one word that does appear: "senseless."
And the article ended:
But "senseless" is a very loaded word in what is a very heated political debate over police violence. And it's not loaded in the political direction in which Trump generally veers.
I didn't know it was loaded, but then again I don't speak Crazy.

Bonus: Obama also called the Dallas killings senseless,

He who pays the piper calls the tune, I suppose, even if the tune is from the shower scene in "Psycho."


  1. I looked up "senseless" in the dictionary. It said, "see Washington Post." - Elric

  2. They missed where he called it an attack on the country.

  3. The Post itself reported a few months ago that his servants were herded into the presence of their new Master of All Latifundia to receive his Homily on "Properly Tilling the Click", the essence of which was make yourself loudly outrageous while tilling and spread manure densely, thus stimulating and deadening every sense at once. Overcome with gratitude, it was said, they celebrated by rhythmically clanging their manacles as he entered his Platinum car for the climate devastating return voyage to his fortified mountain retreat far far away.
    The good thing I guess is that the Post has less national influence now than it has ever had, reflected in the price Bezos paid for it and the likes of this pathetic story. Like the NYT it has attracted a small niche of readers who will never alter their beliefs no matter the facts involved, so are not expensive to service with pricy sourced content, simple opinion will do. The Post is now and has always been a parochial small town paper, bought locally mainly for its coverage of the ups and downs of bureaucrats as well as its extensive used car and property ads. It will have no influence on the election.

  4. His name was originally Bozo, but he changed to so as not to offend other clowns.

    1. The 2016 Pro-Am Bozo-ing Masters should be spectacular if they can only get Hillary's brain-cell off the injury bench.

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