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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Greatest Cartoon Ever

It is the Greatest Cartoon Ever only because I agree with Scott Adams on Trump.


  1. Plato (Socrates) vs the sophists. The sophists were smarter than those two. They actually got one of them killed in public by legal means for something he is supposed to have said. The first murder by political correctness was accomplished by deconstructionists who had taken over the discourse of the city state. Sound familiar? Just because someone is smart and articulate does not make them right. Sometimes you find out what the truth is by the fruits of the discourse over time. We now have people who gained power by touting pornography as protected speech cheering the silencing of a homosexual who has dared to stray into unapproved habits of speech, and worse, habits of thought. Just how far are we from another swig of hemlock?

  2. Lefties cannot and do not tolerate dissent.

  3. Adams is always good, often pointed, but this cartoon is one for the ages!

    And yes, a lot of lefties are going to make the aquaintance of Scott Adams through this very cartoon, I'm posting it wherever relevant (which is almost any/all discourse with a leftie!)

  4. I remember when Adams was still working. Many people thought he worked for their company because his cartoons captured the tech world so well. Same thing with me. When I still worked many of my readers thought I worked for their company when I wrote about TCIDNN (The Company I Dare Not Name). Only two people guessed correctly that I worked for IBM. One of them worked for IBM and looked me up in our directory. The other recognized the euphemisms IBM used for layoffs that I had written about in one of my posts.

    I met many managers at IBM who were just like Dilbert's boss. Some of them even had Dilbert cartoons in their offices not recognizing that they were the pointy haired boss. Always cracked me up.