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Sunday, July 31, 2016

The 14th, 15th, and 16th Amazon reviews of "Trump the Press"

Three more readers posted their reviews on Amazon of "Trump the Press."

As is custom, I re-post them here.

From Richard:
Trump The Press- When history's first draft gets it right.
Great book. Don Surber has an engaging style of storytelling that keeps a facts heavy history a fun read. We all see that the mainstream press is biased, now see how clueless they can be as well. Personally, I was not a Trump fan early on and neither was the author, but I am a political junkie. The story of how such an imperfect candidate prevailed in such a pivotal race, how message has trumped personality in spite of strong opposition from the press left and right, makes for a fascinating tale.
Thank you. I had not thought of it as a first draft of history.

From Chestertonrocks:
Masterful job
Don Surber did a masterful job telling the story of Donald Trump's campaign for the Republican nomination for president. While understandably peppered with a few well deserved, "I told you so" type comments, Don reveals the tone-deaf nature of so many who bitterly cling to the current status quo of establishment politics and institutions. This book will serve as a useful reminder in years to come of how so many so-called experts could not see (and perhaps still refuse to see) the reality in front of them.
Thank you. They are tone deaf.

And the 16th review is from Wayne More:
This book explains Donald Trump's political success!
Count me among those who believed that Donald Trump would not win the Republican nomination. My belief was so strong that in December 2015 I gave two of my teenage grandchildren who believed he would win 10 to one odds. They now have more spending money. I shall vote for Trump in the general election, but have not been persuaded he can or will run. Surber's book gives me hope that Hillary Clinton will not be president.
I read Don Surber's blog and editorial opinions for several years before he left the Charleston Daily Mail. I generally agreed with his opinions and appreciated his wit. I have continued reading his personal blog since he left the Daily Mail.
Trump the Press is an outstanding history of the Trump Republican primary campaign. It helped my understand how and why Trump won. The book is a stinging indictment of the hate of the left wing media, but it is even more an indictment of the "Republican" media such as National Review, The Weekly Standard, George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Fox News, David Brooks, etc. as well as the Republican Party leaders who, like me, underestimated the power of Trump's support among everyday patriotic Americans. I especially enjoyed Surber's take down of statistician/lefty journalist Nate Silver who got things so wrong after his remarkable recent past poll based forecasting success. Trump the Press will help Trump doubters understand how he succeeded and where we got things so wrong.
Surber's book likely will help Trump doubters like me to understand how the "impossible" happened. After reading Trump the Press I now understand that the doubters made the "impossible" inevitable. But this book will also serve as an invaluable historical reference to one of the more amazing presidential campaigns in US history. Donald Trump is real and his unorthodox and sometimes outrageous campaigning style is very effective.
Thank you, Don, for doing the research and taking the time to write this wonderful and wise book. Please continue to blog. I read yours every day after only Glenn Reynolds.
Wayne Moore
North Carolina
Thank you. My pleasure.

All those kind words are very encouraging.

Speaking of encouraging, I invite other readers to post their reviews at Amazon.

What? You haven't read the book? Well, here is your chance to read it and write a review at Amazon.

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