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Monday, July 25, 2016

Speaking of trainwrecks, Democrats

I see the trainwreck comin’
It’s rolling round the bend
And I ain’t a good laugh, since I don’t know when. 

For months, the political class in Washington had predicted a trainwreck in Cleveland for the Republican convention.

From Slate magazine:
Nominating conventions are designed to be infomercials for the respective parties. It’s three days of pomp and staged celebration. While there are occasionally bitter fights over nominees or platform positions, modern conventions have become highly engineered television spectacles: The nominees are anointed, future stars jockey for stage time, and everyone pretends that the previous 12 months of in-fighting never happened.
The Democrats will likely follow this script in Philadelphia this year. Sanders is still working to leverage his influence, but he’s already pledged to stop Trump and he will almost certainly endorse Clinton at the convention. Whatever happens, the party will emerge on the back end united and ready to launch the general election campaign.
For the GOP, however, the convention is shaping up to be a complete trainwreck. Nothing is working. Party leaders are contorting themselves every day as they support Trump without actually endorsing him or even admitting he’s qualified for the job. And their nominee is doing everything possible to complicate things – hurling racist accusations, insulting Muslim and LGBT Americans, and doubling down on positions he ought to be running away from.
But despite Ted Cruz's screwy attempts to derail the event, Nomination Week went well. No one forced Reince Priebus to resign as party chairman. And the Wisconsin delegation did not boo their homeboy Reince.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was not so lucky. Party donors forced her to resign as the head of the DNC after emails showed what was obvious: she was in the tank for Hilary. And this morning at a breakfast, her home state's delegation booed her. The only person booed in Cleveland was Ted Cruz after he gave a speech only the Never Trump crowd could like.

Booing is the least of her worries. From her primary challenger Tim Canova via the Tampa Bay Times:
Our lawyers are preparing a complaint against Wasserman Schultz that we will file with the FEC for her wrongful use of DNC resources in her campaign against me, based on the WikiLeaks disclosures.
And then there is this:


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  1. Hence.... my skepticism of this huge post-Dem convention turnaround that Nate and the 538ers project/are hoping for. DWS gets thrown to the dogs, wow! What a bunch of MISOGYNISTIC SEXISTS!! How does it feel when it is coming at you lefties? This is good!

    1. The so-called Big Tent Democrats are a hot-bed of anti-Semitism. First they go after the Jewish candidate Sanders by questioning his religion, then they go after the Jewess chairwoman Debbie W-S. The Dems make the Republican Party look positively ecumenical by comparison. [/s]

  2. And, according to rollcall, Nancy Pelosi was also booed at a convention breakfast.

    Thx to wikileaks, as Trump has stated, the system is indeed rigged. Problem is, now everyone knows it.

    Pass the popcorn.

  3. Can't wait to see some Trump tweets this week! The lefties thought they were going to conquer the world w Twitter, and Trump has absolutely schooled them with it. He has completely flummoxed jugears with his tweets and rendered him a stuttering ignoramus. LOL

  4. I make my popcorn in a hot air popper, I melt real butter, and top it all off with very fine popcorn salt. Toss a six-pack of cold ones in the fridge and I'm ready for the Democratic Dumpster fire - er, Convention. - Elric

  5. Trump had a very good convention.

    it will take a miracle to save this week for Hillary. The way things are going, she's have one of her coughing fits and then seize as she gives her acceptance speech.

  6. Oh my, don't know when I've enjoyed politics so much!

    As one of Oblabla's mentors was fond of saying, "The chickens have come home to roost!" All those lies told by all those DNC operatives with bylines are being exposed for all the world to see! Lookee here, Chuck Todd is revealed as the tool he is! No, look over here, the DNC charwoman, oh sorry I meant "chairwoman" is revealed to be totally in the tank for Hillary! No, no, in this ring we've got The Lizard Queen herself, bursting out of her human suit, get your bobblehead doll to remind you of it!

    Funniest of all, the "dark" and "dire" GOP convention crap was all made up from whole cloth, while the ongoing trainwreck of the DNC is still ongoing, in full color and high fidelity surround sound! What's next on the agenda- is it the riots, or the attacks on the police, or... gee, I just love this show!

    As far as I can see, Trump is not only going to win, he's going to win so big that it will be inconceivable! (And that word DOES mean what I think it means!)

  7. Ought to have harkened to a different railroad song.

    Watch for curves and hills and valleys
    Never falter, never fail
    Keep your hands upon the throttle
    And your eye upon the rail.

    1. Love that old song.
      got a pile of Railroaders on both sides in my family..
      TG McCoy

  8. I had to flesh out the song a little:
    "I see a train wreck comin'
    It's rolling round the bend
    And I ain't had a real good laugh since I don't know when,
    I'm watchin’ the Dem convention, down at the Wells Fargo
    And that train wreck’s a comin’, on every cable show"

  9. Is the big fence that's been constructed around the Dems convention hall gathering intended to keep the protesters out or the delegates in? There's an apocryphal story about the two forts that are located at the entrance to the Old Port in Marseille, France, that they were built not as a defense to keep the French out, but rather to keep the Marseillais in.

    1. That fence is there to provide a handy supply of wooden stakes. Just in case the Dems worst fears about Hillary are realized.

  10. The Democrats have hitched their wagons to the Crone Mother. What could go wrong?

    Forget 1968. Is this going to be a replay of the 1924 Democratic Convention when the first one fell apart (something about their not being able to decide whether to embrace or condemn the KKK, which was in attendance in large numbers) and they had to convene a second.

  11. Oh schadenfreude,oh schadenfreude,How lovely
    art thy stenches,
    From Hillary to Bernie and Debbie booed so
    nicely, the floor fights for Bernies peeps,
    Donna B. can't any sleep,
    Oh schadenfreude,oh schadenfreude,How lovely
    art thy stenches,
    TG McCoy

  12. Hey, did someone mention the little-known fact that Tim Kaine speaks Spanish?

    1. Yup, because he was a liberation-theology Jesuit alleged-Catholic who spent time evangelizing communism in Honduras. I say throw him on the dung heap with Phillip and Daniel Berrigan.

    2. (oh, and just for the record, I'm Catholic.)