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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Seventh review of "Trump the Press" on Amazon

Once again, I thank Steven Hayward of Power Line and Austin Bay at Instapundit for their very kind reviews at their sites.

But I also appreciate the reviews at Amazon. This is the seventh one, from Duncan Black. As is custom, I post it here:
Absolutely terrific
Absolutely terrific. Even though this book only covers the 2016 Republican nominating campaign my prediction is that it will prove to be the most valuable political book of the entire election cycle. Don Surber, bless his heart, gets it. He gets what so many of our "betters" did not, that Donald Trump tapped into the instinctual disdain and resentment for politics as usual and an increasingly remote Washington DC that millions across America felt. "Trump the Press" is very well-written, extremely entertaining and contains innumerable reminders of how correct those Americans' instincts were. Many, many of these moments have now been gathered for all time in these pages; This book should prove to be an invaluable resource in the months to come.
I can't wait for the book Mr. Surber will pen about the general campaign and the aftermath of the election of Donald Trump.
Thank you, Mister Black. As for a sequel, how about 254 pages of dittos? They have learned nothing. How to purchase this volume.


"Trump the Press: Don Surber's take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race," is now on sale.

Steve Hayward of Power Line, and Austin Bay at Instapundit gave it glowing reviews.

Please purchase "Trump the Press" through Create Space

And its Kindle release is on July 25. Pre-order here, please.

Autographed copies are $20 each. Please email me at 

Regardless of how you purchase this must reading for Trump supporters and media critics alike. Please post a book review on the Amazon site. That helps attract other readers.


  1. see also Leslie Eastman's review over at Legal Insurrection.

    The Link:

    1. That must grate on LI since the site (in general) doesn't care for Trump.

  2. Yep. Linking that tomorrow morning. She nailed what the book is about

  3. Just finished reading McKay Coppins' article about Trump on BuzzFeed. Point-Counterpoint. Very different take on The Donald.

  4. Don's sequel, like General Sherman, will keep 'em guessing, then strike where it's least expected.

    His wavering Schwerpunkt is positively hypnotic.

  5. You know, the more Don educates me (us), the more I've come to the conclusion that all these Leftist journos just don't have any pride or self-respect.

    How could you, and still prostitute your skills and training to such a lie as they do?

    Our character is formed when we're young. It's partly parents, and partly the company we keep in our young adulthood.

    I think that might be why I prefer the older style word "trespasses" in The Lord's Prayer, rather than the more recent word "sins". It emphasises the importance not only of our actions, but that we should not linger on unholy ground.

    1. Dave, that's a great post. Two thumbs up. Having spent 28 years in DC, I can tell you that the power of Groupthink is very strong there. People want to feel like they are part of the In Crowd. So they sell their souls for it. Never mind that the In Crowd are crooked, corrupt, and cowardly. They've got money. And DC is not a cheap place to live. Same with NYC...

      But, journalism is like sports. There are a few who make millions, and thousands who barely survive.