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Monday, July 04, 2016

Second review of "Trump the Press"

From longtime commenter and friend of the blog, Z Regime:
This is first rate writing. I consider Don a friend (and fellow Mountaineer!) but even if he wasn't, there is no doubt about his literary skills. The man knows how to make a case for his beliefs without being preachy or overbearing. WHEN - not if - Trump wins, this book will be looked at as one of the most sagely and prescient books in modern presidential political history.
Thank you, friend. The book is starting to take off as people realize we were had by the media. It does not matter if you like Trump or not. You will enjoy my book.

Get your review in. Of course to review the book, you have to read it. And to read it you have to purchase it. Please purchase "Trump the Press" through Create Space, as I get a larger royalty. It is a subsidiary of Amazon.

The book also is on Amazon.


  1. Mine's on order!

    "Had by the media"? They've been lying to us for years. YEARS. We have noticed.

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  3. It's funny, how Zregime is actually his given name. Ida never thunk it. Heh.
    I haven't gotten my copy yet.

  4. Will autographed editions be available?