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Monday, July 25, 2016

Rotten Clinton

Out: Crooked Clinton

In: Hillary Rotten Clinton

From the Associated Press:
Addressing backers in an overly warm ballroom in Roanoke, Virginia, the Republican presidential nominee on Monday lashed out at Clinton as low-energy and needing naps. He argued that she dropped her maiden name of Rodham because it sounds like Rotten.
For years, she chose to use the name Hillary Rodham Clinton.
“Why did she get rid of it? Hillary Rotten Clinton, Rotten Clinton. Hillary Rotten Clinton, right?” Trump told the crowd. “Maybe that’s why, it’s too close.”
Trump has repeatedly referred to Clinton as “Crooked Hillary.”
The event was held in the home state of Clinton’s new running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, whom Trump derided as a “weird little dude” and a political “hack.” Trump argued that Clinton made a mistake when she chose Kaine, describing the well-liked former governor and senator as the opposite of a fiery liberal that supporters of Clinton’s former rival Bernie Sanders may have been drawn to.
Many of Sanders’ supporters remain deeply committed to their candidate, holding demonstrations in Philadelphia and booing mentions of Clinton on the convention floor.
Early voting begins in three months.

Voting cannot come too soon.

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  1. Bad Trump. This is the kind of stuff from Trump that embarrasses me. Stick to Crooked Hillary and stick to the issues. Don't play childish games with her name.

    It's time to look Presidential, and that's doing it wrong.

    1. Sounds like a NeverTrumper.

      When he was beating their tails, they'd whine about how he should act "Presidential."

    2. Naw, I voted for him in NY primaries. I want him to win. Just my unsolicited advice. Her greed, incompetence, and corruption should be his targets. Not her name.

    3. I like it because it's true and it rolls off the tongue. *Rodham/Rotten* Nicknames like that have a way of sticking, quickly and easily. Think Ruth Buzzy Ginsberg.

  2. So Kaine is "well liked." Right. By whom? I live in VA. I don't like him. I think he is a crooked corrupt open borders crapweasel. He grades "F-" from NumbersUSA, a grade reserved for traitors of the slimiest variety. Kaine would throw every native US citizen out of employment and replace them with illegals if he could. Did you know that he speaks Spanish?

    1. Oh, c'mon. Tell us how you *really* feel.
      (or, for Kainesians: Oh, vamos. Díganos cómo le *realmente* sentir.) (courtesy of Bing Translator).

  3. Excellent point.

    Hillary Rotten Clinton. I love it.

    He must have majored in marketing at Wharton.

  4. There is simply no limit to the number of derogatory descriptives for the vile creature Hillary. - Elric