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Sunday, July 03, 2016

RNC delegates will be packing

The Secret Service will not allow them to carry weapons into the convention center in two weeks, but  several RNC delegates from Pennsylvania will be armed while in Cleveland, Mother Jones reported.

From Mother Jones:
James Klein, a pro-Trump delegate from the Harrisburg area, notes that guns won't be needed inside the convention hall and that delegates won't be allowed to bring in weapons. "But," he adds, "there's the hotels. There's going to be dinners."
So Klein, an insurance executive and economist, has decided to come armed to Cleveland, and he has urged his fellow delegates to do the same. "We're talking about ISIS," he remarks, citing the recent shooting in Orlando and the bombings at the Istanbul airport. Referring to protesters outside Trump rallies, he adds, "We're talking about people who have shown a propensity for violence."
"There are a whole bunch of things happening: You go to various events, receptions, whatever, outside the convention hall," says Ash Khare, a delegate from the northwest corner of the state who applied for a concealed carry permit in preparation for Cleveland. "And you walk on the streets and, you know, people know that you are a delegate, and who knows what the crazy people are going to do? So you've got to be vigilant about what's going on and prepare yourself."
The liberal publication noted that "protesters" have turned violent outside Trump rallies.

Trump represents change and those who side with those in power fear losing their power and becoming impotent again, and so they lash out at those who threaten the status quo. One of the biggest potential losers is the media, which in reaction has ostracized Trump and his supporters. Sad.

But Trump delegates do need to protect themselves from the thugs who support Obama, the Democratic Party, and the Never Trump movement.


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  1. Dear protester:
    Think twice before hitting that Trump supporter. The cops may not plan to arrest you, but then lifeless corpses don't lend themselves to being arrested anyway.

  2. I do not understand how they can do this. Last I looked Ohio does not have reciprocity with Pennsylvania concealed carry permits. The would be carrying in a state that requires a concealed carry permit without one -- they would be subject to arrest.

    Does anyone know different?

  3. "But Trump delegates do need to protect themselves from the thugs who support Obama, the Democratic Party, and the Never Trump movement."

    But why don't the thugs take a cue from their leader's "decency"?

    1. Your comment is the textbook definition of irony. +1.

      The "support" is mutual and goes both ways: the thugs support Obama & Co., and Obama & Co. support the thugs. And that's why Republicans need to bring guns to the rock, stick, and knife fight the Left intends to start. Also bring very heavy, washable raincoats to ward off the thrown bags of urine and feces.

    2. I know, Iapetus. I was -- not for the first time -- poking gentle fun at our host's curious observation that Obama has a sense of "decency".

      Sometimes, I just can't stop picking at a scab.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.