Monday, July 11, 2016

Quote of the day

"A note on mainstream media antipathy to Trump. I suspect at the moment it’s starting to help him. More than half the country is willing to believe the media are essentially dishonest and mobby, that they function either consciously or not as Democratic operatives, that they don’t have to like Mrs. Clinton (and they don’t) to function in this way, and that they feel nothing but disrespect for Mr. Trump, his followers and everything they represent. But a lot of TV journalists are particularly upfront and out there now about their antipathy, in part because they’re honestly alarmed—this guy could really become president—and in part because it is not respectable not to hate him. But they are starting to make him look sympathetic."

This shows why she got a whole chapter of her own in "Trump the Press."


  1. Oh, what a tangled and tortuous web they weave. They try and try to explain the Trump phenomenon from top to bottom, left to right, inside and out, but they just don't get it. It's right in front of their faces, but they refuse to recognize it for what it is. The people are hoping for change, they are going to make a change to finally give them hope. Obama, King Midas in reverse, as is his wont, had that and everything else backwards. - Elric

    1. Oops, the "people are NOT hoping for change"... - Elric

  2. There is always that, but people are getting hard choices that are immediate to their lives and they do know whose side the media always takes.

    I may be wrong, but a similar sentiment started after the CO "primary".

  3. Noonan is now like New Yorker movie critic Don has memeorialized in his book, Pauline Kael, who lived her whole life in an excluding society, Manhattan,where she only knew people just like herself and had no use for opinion other than her own, something about the place unchanged today. Peg wrote great stuff for Reagan but when I see her on TV now she always seems stuffed with feathers. Her unique power as a Republican Vestal was destroyed when she ran off with Obama in 08. Like them, for her transgression,she has been punished by being buried alive ever since, her voice unheard

  4. The sound of the mainstream media? "Cliquetty-claque, Cliquetty-claque".

    Maybe that's why they're railroading Trump.

  5. People on the street hate the press, whether they are left or right.

  6. She got off the conservative bus some years ago. I'd like to examine her ticket for this bus. Maybe she's returning to her right mind, but I gotta wonder still.