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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pence is a conservative, Cruz is for Cruz

And on the third night of Nomination Week, Republican Governor Mike Pence removed all doubts about supporting Donald Trump for president. In a strong speech, Pence took the world stage for the first time, and showed why he belonged there.

He brought a new-car freshness to the Trump campaign, which face it, is a year old and could use a little oomph. He reminded me of the general briefing the president.

Pence showed he was a team player, while Ted Cruz earlier in the night showed he is all for Ted Cruz.

In a half-hour oration, Pence said "Donald Trump" about as often as Obama says "I" in one of his speeches. The deference to Trump showed a maturity that matched his tanned face and white hair. He's 57, an age that is a sweet spot in presidencies. Republicans and the nation are assured that if something happens to Trump, Pence will not miss a beat.

Earlier, Cruz tried to hijack the night by taking the stage and refusing to endorse Trump. His reward was a chorus of boos. Cruz showed how presidential he is. Instead of grace, he showed crass. Looked to me like political suicide. Certainly it was infantile. Maybe he was under the impression that there are more than a couple of holdouts left in the party.

Cruz is the Republican Obama. Big ego. Loves the mirror. Has never done a damned thing outside of politics.

From Fox News:
One RNC official called Cruz’s speech “classless,” while a senior GOP operative on the convention floor told Fox News, “I could not believe it. I literally could not believe [Cruz] didn’t endorse Trump. I’m speechless.”
Cruz, a rival of Trump’s during primary season, was booed off the stage after ignoring cries from delegates to formally back the presidential candidate.
The cacophany of noise and discontent was amplified when the nominee himself walked into the Quicken Loans Arena as Cruz was finishing his speech.
Byron York observed:
Cruz is an extremely difficult position. Not only are his emotions involved in the decision, but there are a significant number of Never Trump voices who would cheer a Cruz refusal to support Trump. They assume Trump will lose in November and that Cruz can score I-told-you-so points.
The problem is, there are a lot more rank-and-file Republicans who will remember a GOP candidate who refused to endorse his own party's nominee.
Trump's reaction?

Cruz united the party faithful last night. A few diehards in DC insist this hurt the party, or Cruz was right to use the national stage to imply it is unconscionable to vote for Trump ("vote your conscience") but most of the delegates assembled realized he was a jerk who now symbolizes all the jerks who are still holding out.

But it was Pence's night. He stood on the world stage -- other countries know our politics better than we do -- and delivered a terrific speech. That's the takeaway.

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  1. My favorite takeaway from Cruz's perfidy in refusing to endorse The Donald - as he had pledged - was when Sheldon Adelson refused to allow him entrance into the donor suite. - Elric

  2. How hard is it to say it was a helluva battle, but the American people have spoken, and I gotta hand it to Donald, he overcame the odds in a very unorthodox way, but he showed some incredible talent. No hard feelings, he is a good guy and I admire him, these political battles get messy, bygones are bygones. I am with him and the American people 100%, let's win this thing! His popularity would have gotten a helluva boost. I listened to Levin last night for about 1 minute and he was extremely butthurt and moaning that the good guys had lost, what a shame, maybe we'll get a conservative like Ronald Reagan back in there eventually. What a friggin sore loser. WMAL needs to yank him. The guy has really turned out to be a crank and a bit of an oddball.

  3. Pence is a pretty good speaker (I was surprised) and though the speech itself was nothing special Pence delivered it well.

    I think he will be a force on the campaign trail.

    PS If The Donald saw the speech ahead of time (some discussion on that) and realized what would happen when Cruz delivered it, it had better be apparent at Hillary HQ this guy plays 12 dimension virtual Ninja chess to relax and they had better be very afraid.

  4. Cruz did not - and has pledged not to do so - say a negative thing about Trump last night. Too bad the Trumpkins didn't extend the same to Cruz's wife who was harassed so bad that she had to be escorted out by security. That's what you Trumpkins call "unity." Interesting.
    Not much of a Cruz fan myself but at least he refuses to sell out to Trump ... unlike Christie who now has his head so far up Trump's arse that he needs scuba gear to get out. I wonder if Christie is still asking Trump "how" he is going to accomplish things in his presidency.

    1. Not saying a "negative" thing doesn't mean Cruz rose to the occasion to do what he had pledged to do: endorse Trump.

      Btw, Cruz telling people to "vote your conscience" is code for "write in my name in November." Unless he meant to vote for Hillary...?

    2. I didnt say Cruz rose to the occasion. I said Cruz is not rolling over to be Trump's lap dog like Christie, Carson and to some degree, Pence.
      Whether you agree or not, at least Cruz is sticking to his beliefs. And as Cruz said, why should he support Trump who has insulted his wife and dad in public?
      As for the "vote your conscience" quote - Trump had the opportunity to halt that and didn't. I'll let the Trump-and-Hillary-in-it-together conspiracy theorists have fun with that one.

    3. As for the "vote your conscience" quote - Trump had the opportunity to halt that and didn't.

      Why should he? I think Trump did everyone a big favor to allow Cruz the opportunity to expose himself for what he is. Don't blame Trump; this is all Cruz's doing. It was Cruz's speech, not Trump's.

    4. Cruz had my vote when he started,then he BeBecked himself and the other occupants of the Klown car that trailed Cruz in the primary. Cruz lost because Cruz not Trump
      lost, Cruz stood on the
      bridge soaked in gasoline,Trump gave Ted
      the option to strike the
      Gone with the wind,
      Ted's supreme court seat..

  5. Don,

    A similar opinion from Roger Simon at PJMedia. The link:


    1. Simon understood Trump from the get-go

  6. Taking things personally and acting on them publically feels good for the time that you are doing it, but the repercussions are not worth it. This applies to politicians as well as humans.

    I have regretted the times I have indulged myself that way, and my guess is that Sen. Cruz will eventually do the same.

    -Mikey NTH

  7. This applies to politicians as well as humans.

    HA HA HA !!!

  8. Mr. Surber, you have been so unthinkingly in the tank for the game show host who's playing you that you have apparently forgotten how human nature works.

    * You do not insult a man and his family with underhanded bullshit, refuse to apologize for doing it, and realistically expect the guy to support you thereafter.

    * If you become outraged at a man who encourages you to abide by your conscience, it means your conscience has already condemned you.

    1. Well said ... cause it is so accurate. Surber was for gay marriage and then against it and now for it again because Caitlyn Jenner is voting for Trump. He owes John Kerry an apology too.

    2. I change my beliefs over time as I gain experience and knowledge. If Trump can persuade me -- or you - it is because I listen to opposing arguments. Kerry's votes were cynical and political.

    3. So when Trump and fellow Rs change their mind, it is okay but when Ds change their mind, it is cynical and political. "Comedy gold this blog" - Yoda

    4. Cruz started that fight. If he is that easily manipulated, then he has no business in the blood sort of politics.

    5. (1) "Vote your conscience" was the NeverTrump rallying cry with respect to the delegates and in this contest that is all it means - NeverTrump. It seems that everyone in Cleveland understood that.

      (2) What Kitty said. Trump has been accused of being so thin-skinned that a simple insult will have him getting the USA into an international crisis or a war. Based on last night's performance Ted Cruz is the one that is thin-skinned, not Donald Trump.

      -Mikey NTH

    6. Mikey - Cruz and Trump are equally thin-skinned.

    7. Dear Anonymous:

      Cruz is the one that went out and aired the dirty laundry on the main stage. Donald Trump seems to be a little more calculated in his reactions, i.e., he didn't object, he let Ted Cruz go out there and do that. Sort of like "don't interrupt a foe who is making a mistake" and all of that.

      -Mikey NTH

    8. What "dirty laundry" did Cruz air last night? He spoke of his beliefs. Whether anyone agrees with him - or even wonders if Cruz believes them himself - is another matter. Still wondering how Trump will unite America when his followers harass Cruz's wife so bad during his speech that she needed an escort from convention.

  9. Cruzlims don't understand what a pledge is and that Cruz lying when he said he would support Trump as nominee at the 1st debate it was a self serving lie. And anyone who lies like that will lie about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.

    1. If Surber can change his mind, why not Cruz. Love the "Cruzlims" reference. Is this how Trumpkins will unite the country? Demonize anyone who does not agree with Trump by making them sound like a Muslim sympathizer? Speaking of which ... how is Trump going to handle terrorism by pulling out of NATO as he threatened last night?

    2. You started your post with the Trumpkins insult re: Trump supporters and then have the gall to try to make my reply with an equivalent insult to Cruz supporters? Bahahahaha. Self-awareness isn't the Cruzlims' forte I see. No wonder they love a guy like Cruz --also lacking in self-awareness.
      As to Suber, he's not running. Bringing him into this is personal, petty, bs to distract from the issue at hand (typical Cruz and Cruzlims method of operation(.
      Is this about "conservative principles" -- cause that means honoring the pledge ALL the candidates made at the start BEFORE the outcome was known.
      Or is this about "mean tweets" -- cause if it's that, Cruz is the one who is too thin-skinned and lacking in the proper temperament to be POTUS.
      But it can't be both political (conservative principles) and personal (mean tweets) as they are mutually exclusive in this case.
      Trump gave Cruz the rope, and Cruz didn't merely hang himself, he lit himself on fire first. The Cruzlims can scream and shout -- alternatively -- PRINCIPLES! and MEAN TWEETS! it doesn't change the fact that Cruz is a self-serving, thin skinned, craven liar who has only, ever cared about himself and he just committed political suicide REGARDLESS of what happens in November.

    3. What an incoherent post. SMH

    4. Yes, Cruz could have reconsidered. However, he made a pledge to Republicans to endorse the nominee, so he owes the grassroots an honest explanation as to why. Instead, he chose to make an ass of himself on the mews and social media -- that goes directly to character.

  10. In Peckinpah's masterpiece The Wild Bunch the Holden character and the Borgnine character have a discussion about returning to fight and save someone at great risk even though the coast is clear for them to escape unharmed,
    HCh: "We gave our word!"
    BCh: "That doesn't matter. It's who you give it to! "
    Maybe Cruz likes the film and sees Borgnine as Aristotle.
    As for changing one's mind, we must do it all the time to just grow up. Or sometimes to avoid irreversible damage to someone who has put his trust in us to not do them harm, even if we know they will wake up disappointed.

  11. The Cruz tempest will pass and Nonnyass and his like will slide into a deservedly obscure future tethered only to their "principles". The fact remains that the neocon imperialists have lost decisively in an open battle over whether this country will be a republic or an empire, and the libertarian wing of the party has suffered the same fate. The Republican Party is now the American Party. We who celebrate this will go on from here. Everyone who begs to differ can go sob into their beers with Lyin'Ted. Boy, am I glad I figured him out in time not to waste my vote on him.
    As far as Don changing his mind goes, the things people are picking on him for are side issues. As any leftist can tell you with either actions or words, power is what ultimately matters. That's why they don't punch to the left. Once you have changed the power equation you can work out side issues or, with enough inside influence even effect a purge. Without it everything that you think matters is a side issue. So Mr. Nonnyass, et al, take your side issues and stick them where the sun don't shine.

  12. "I saw his speech two hours early but let him speak anyway"

    So Cruz's cattiness guaranteed a huge audience for Trump’s acceptance speech. You think Trump didn't figure that? This is the reality show guy, remember?

    You'd think that the Leftist media would be embarrassed to be played like an old violin, but they're so convinced of their "lords of creation" status, and so devoid of any critical self-analysis, that they don't realize what's going on.

    1. Rush agrees with you:


  13. What am I missing here? I was a Cruz supporter, but Ted and his ilk are in the Hillary camp now. Trump is the only alternative to her at this stage, and it looks like he will give a great, conservative speech at the convention. What do these clowns want?

  14. Cruz really comes across as a spoilsport, and I think he is making a mountain out of a molehill with this "attacks on Heidi" business. What exactly was that all about and did Trump have people shadowing her or??? I think it was a few tweets in poor taste. Didn't the Cruz people dig up some suggestive or embarassing photos of Trump's wife? I didn't hear Trump whining about that. And Heidi "had" to be escorted out of the building? Please. Did someone hit her aside the head with a brick? I am guessing a few people made some crude remarks. This is the leftist media effort to try to portray the Trump convention and supporters as out of control. Heidi if you can't stand the heat then stay home. Cruz gets up there and makes that weasely speech, what do you expect? Cruz broke his promise. That promise wasn't conditioned on someone not saying something naughty. Maybe Ted would be happier selling insurance.