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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mitt Romney sends cease and desist letter to Kelli Ward (McCain's chief primary opponent)

Mitt Romney once again is doing to Republicans what he refused to do to Obama. Mitt hit Dr. Kelli Ward, who is the chief opponent of Lifer Senator John McCain in the Republican primary.

From Talking Points Memo (of course Mitt is friends with a lefty site):
After a bitter primary fight in 2008, Mitt Romney is coming to Arizona Sen. John McCain's (R-AZ) defense.
After reports surfaced that McCain primary challenger Kelli Ward was re-using a 2008 Romney attack ad against McCain as her own, Romney's ghost campaign sent a cease and desist letter demanding Ward take down her Facebook ad immediately.
"Romney for President has not authorized your use of its protected material," the letter, which was provided to TPM reads. "Your campaign has engaged in blatant infringement of RFP's protected work and must cease and desist immediately."
The ad's identical resemblance to Romney's 2008 ad was first picked up by the Arizona Republic, which noted that the only thing difference between Ward's and Romney's ads was the fact Ward appeared at the end. Ward's campaign did not dispute the similarities, telling the Arizona Republic that "Mitt Romney got it right."
"If the shoe fits, wear it. The substance is still the same. Some things never change," Stephen Sebastian, Ward's spokesman, told the Arizona Republic.
The ad paints McCain as an ally of Hillary Clinton on everything from a gas tax to "blocking conservative judges."
How about everyone joins me in a chorus of "Up yours, Mitt"?

The ad in question is here.

Earlier this year, instead of helping the presumptive nominee (after Nevada, the race was over), Mitt tried to sabotage Trump.

Maybe Mitt was a Democratic Party plant. That would explain Mitt's blowing the 2012 campaign.


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  1. Daffy Duck to Mitt Romney: "You're dethpicable!" Why can't Mitt just go away? He must have gotten his magic underwear all up in a wad again. - Elric

  2. The take-down notice seems to have worked. Ward's video campaign ad is no longer available for comparison with Romney's.

  3. Romney should be ashamed of himself.

  4. Romney should leave town and take McCain with him.

    Steve in Greensboro

  5. When I think about those two guys I think about this joke.

    A couple of weeks before the big UT, A&M game is suppose to happen in Austin two aggies are sitting around trying to think of something to do that show their school spirit. After a while one of the aggies turns to the other and says, "I've got it. I know what we can do."
    The second aggie says, "Ok, good because I was about to give up. What is it?"
    The first aggie says, "We can get a camel and put the A&M flag on the back and ride her all the way to the game. We have plenty of time and that way everyone will know how dedicated we are to our school and team."
    The second aggie replies, "That is the stupidist thing I have ever heard. Keep thinking." After a while they still hadn't thought of anything so the first aggie talks the second aggie into proceding with his plan.They strap the A&M flag to the camels back and the two of them ride the camel all the way to Austin, leaving a week in advance to give them plenty of time.
    Continued in details:

    Update: The whole way there people are honking and yelling at them at them so much the aggies were proud of themselves.
    When they finally arrive the night before the game they are the first one's there. They sleep overnight in the parking lot and are the first ones in the stadium in the morning.
    After the game in which they are trounced by the LONGHORNS, they are walking out of the stadium , and low and behold, the whole parking lot is filled with camels.
    The second aggie says, "See. I knew this was a stupid idea. We'll never get home."
    The second aggie says, "I got this!", and procedes to walk from camel to camel lifting up the tails, one after the other.

    The second aggie says, "What the heck are you doing? We need to find our camel."
    The first aggie says, "I am. Didn't you hear on the way over here everyone kept yelling, "Look at the two a$$holes on that camel."

    1. A teasip meets a beautiful female from A&M and decides to marry her. After a successful courtship, they are wed and depart on their honeymoon. The first night, as they are undressing, the female glances at her naked husband and says, "What a cute pee-pee you have."

      The husband says, "I love that you call my penis a pee-pee; it indicates your innocence and makes me glad to have the first one you've seen." The Aggie replies, "Oh, no, I've seen hundreds of cocks at A&M. What you have is definitely a pee-pee."

  6. Nam Grunt -- That is a good Aggie joke!

    Farm Boy, A&M Class of '84

  7. Nam Grunt -- That is a good Aggie joke!

    Farm Boy, A&M Class of '84

  8. my two biggest political mistakes .. voting for arnold for gov in calif and romney in 2012. two people who wanted the limelight but didn't have the guts to fight. the lesser of the evils is still evil

  9. better Aggie joke: A researcher ran an ad, "needed, man to have sex with female gorilla, $5,000". An Aggie applied and said, I will do it, but I don't have the whole $5,000 right now.

  10. oh yeah , and MR could come in 1st and 3rd in a 5 man _ _ _ _ off contest.

  11. I bought into the whole meme about Mitt being a decent, honorable man. What a fool I was. It's clear now the guy is just a major league d bag...

  12. These days an ad painting McCain an ally of Romney would be a pretty good idea ...

  13. Dear Kelli

    Tell Mittens to go fuck himself.

  14. 1. Recycling the video - as a form of political commentary - sure seems like fair use to me.

    2. Even if not, doesn't this all make the video newsworthy?

    She should edit the video to include a shot and voice over of the Romney letter at the opening, lay out her case for using the video, then let the viewers see the video in question.

  15. She shouldn't be using Romney's ad. She should use McCain's own ad from the last election. The one where he promises to "build the danged fence." Followed by that picture of the whole "Gang of Eight" laughing over their amnesty bill.