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Sunday, July 10, 2016

“I voted for Bernie in the primary and I’m voting for Trump in the general”

David Saunders is a Virginia political consultant in Virginia who helped elect Mark Warner governor in 2001 and Jim Webb senator in 2006. He also worked on the John Edwards campaign in 2008. Saunders is known as Mudcat. He told the Washington Times:
“I don’t know about polls, but I do know this: I voted for Bernie in the primary and I’m voting for Trump in the general.”

This is an interesting development that may indicate the Bernie Sanders vote is in play. Sure, Bernie will back Clinton just like the unions backed Carter in 1980. But his followers do not have to follow her.

From the story:
“I’m an economic populist,” Mr. Saunders said. “I’m in an area that is completely devastated by Clinton trade policies, repeal of Glass-Steagall, and I can go on and on and on and on.”
“And I don’t believe in economic rehabilitation,” he said. “Either you’re an economic populist and you’re for working people and the middle class, or you’re not. And Hillary Clinton has never been for working-class people. She just never has been.”
People jump ship in elections. I get that. But his reasoning is sound. In April he told the Daily Caller:
“I know a ton of Democrats — male, female, black and white — here [in southern Virginia] who are going to vote for Trump. It’s all because of economic reasons. It’s because of his populist message,” 
Saunders gets Trump. While Hillary stiffs waitresses and treats the Secret Service like crap, Trump talks to people who work for him and others. Gossip Liz Smith devoted a chapter in her autobiography to her coverage of Donald Trump, which was a full-time job during his acrimonious divorce from Ivana in the 1990s. Smith recalled writing a freelance article for New York magazine:
“In my article, I spoke of Donald’s rabid detractors and his love-hate relationship with the hoity-toity and the adoration of hoi polloi. I said if he smoked, he’d have his cigarettes monogrammed like so—$—with Ayn Rand’s dollar sign. But I added that jealousy and spite played some part in making him the city’s biggest target. Yes, he bragged and blew hard, but in my book he wasn’t a real phony or a fake. I found him incapable of dissembling or doing the hypocritical things a lot of other rich New Yorkers do,”
The Hoity-Toity and the Hoi Polloi.

He will make a great president. We need a Man of the People, not some unindicted witch.

May Mudcat and his crew deliver Old Virginny.

Trump need not worry about Best Virginia.

(Not a typo, folks.)


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  1. They say 25% of the Bernies may go Trump.

    If so, kiss the Ozark Mafia a fond farewell.

  2. That other Virginia is too, Too, TOO close to DC.

  3. Best Virginia. That's awesome, Big D! But there are too many liberal pukes in NoVa. They are vile, self centered people who are all about the Benjamins. Even as their families break down and their attitudes get bitter. Unfortunately, they are large in numbers and would vote for Satan instead of Trump. I mean, yes, Satan himself. Virginia is a lost cause. Spend your money elsewhere, DJT...

    Oh, and BTW, the biggest a--hole drivers I encounter practically all have VA plates. Bobby Lee's dead and gone and in his place are a bunch of lawyers. It's disgusting.

  4. I know one life-long Democrat (he's in his early sixties) who supported Bernie because he was running against Hillary and who will be voting for Trump for the same reason. In explanation, the first word out of his mouth, literally, was "Benghazi".