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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hitting Hillary on policy

Strong video.


  1. Hey, Barfly. Is this a lie too?

  2. This is an awful video. It should be yanked and redone from scratch. Much too much screen time is given to the Dems who say good things, optimistic things about the economy, and way too little time is used for a proper rebuttal. That is absolutely the wrong balance. There are lots of hard stats available about weak job creation and the fact that most new jobs have gone to illegals, double-digit unemployment rates among blacks, stagnation of average family earnings, reduced working hours, more part-time jobs, highest number of working age people out of work or underemployed, the evisceration of the middle class, doubling the national debt, all of these things might have been mentioned (in general terms, of course) instead of repeating claims by Hillary and Barry that everything is just fine. I turn away from this video with the impression that the economy is really not all that bad...which is hardly the impression the video is supposed to create. Big, big FAIL!

    1. It is supposed to highlight the disconnect between reality and what they say. It creates an awareness in the mind much quicker and more persuasive than many words.

    2. I disagree, Iapetus. I find this type of video very effective: Hear the lie; see the truth.

    3. I'm with Anon and Kitty on this, I. It's the contrast, the total disconnect twixt words and pictures.

  3. Jailbirds of a feather flock together: http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2016/07/26/prominent-glass-ceiling-breakers-lament-women-who-wont-back-clinton/