Saturday, July 09, 2016

Hey Obama, quit acting stupid

Jim Pasco, the executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, has the quote of the day:
“We’d like to see the president make one speech that speaks to everybody instead of one speech that speaks to black people as they grieve and one speech that speaks to police officers as they grieve. We don’t need two presidents, we only need one. We need one who works to unify the United States.”
Pasco wants the Department of Justice to investigate as a hate crime the massacre of five Dallas police officers at a Black Lives Matter rally.

The politicization of these murders is disturbing.

However, the police union has a point.

Yahoo News reported:
The union has pushed unsuccessfully for federal legislation to make killing someone because they are a police officer a hate crime. Some states, including Louisiana, have adopted state-level police hate crime laws. Hate crimes typically carry harsher punishments than regular crimes.
Though no law exists to prosecute the shootings as hate crimes against police, it’s possible that the Department of Justice could decide to investigate them as hate crimes based on anti-white animus. According to Dallas Police Chief David Brown, the suspect in the murders of five police officers said he “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.” The suspect said he was not affiliated with any group and was upset by recent police shootings of black men.
The federal hate crimes statute applies to offenders targeting people based upon their “actual or perceived race, color, religion, or national origin.” In 2014, 23 percent of federal racial hate crimes were motivated by anti-white bias, with 64 percent motivated by anti-black bias.
Donald Trump said he wants to make the killing of a police officer a crime punishable by death.

I agree. Police represent society. An attack on them is a repudiation of all of society. We don't need such people anywhere -- not even prison.


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  1. Good for Pasco. He goes straight to the heart of the matter, as does Don.

    Both of the, actually.

    Off Trump's FB page, a new motto, MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN.

    It's '68 all over.

  2. Obama has done wonders, WONDERS, for racial healing. Well, actually, AGAINST.

  3. Ironic that you start the post with somebody complaining about dividing America, and then continue with calls for so called "hate crime" laws that...wait. for. it...divide America into the politically privileged protected castes and the rest of us who are unworthy of such protections.

    The Leftist shiboleth of "Hate Crime" (aka: Thoughtcrime), a) provides a way for the Left to bypass the Constitutional protection against double jeopardy in order to, b) try people on purely political grounds.

    Your advocacy of Thoughtcrime laws shows how successfully the Left's perversion of society has been. In logical debates, if you accept your opponents premises, you've essentially lost the argument. If you accept the Left's position that the society needs to be divided into castes with different levels of protection and inherited guilt, why not just declare "Resistance is futile. Prepare to be assimilated."

    Cold blooded murder is against the law. Enforce that law. If a person should be executed for murdering a cop, they should be executed for murdering me or mine.

  4. If Trump makes it a hanging offense, here's the slogan: "Pop a Cop, Earn the Drop".

    1. In Texas, we say, "first we try them, then we fry them."

  5. Milwaukee police chief Ed Flynn: "We're the most heavily armed, violent society in the history of Western civilization and we dump this duty on 25-year- olds [in police departments]. The problem for American policing is we're learning the hard way, that our political establishment finds it far easier to develop a constituency at the expense of our police than to solve these social problems."

  6. Killing ANYONE - outside of certain mitigating circumstances - should be punished by death. It would serve as a stronger deterrent and help clear some of the harder cases out of the prisons before some bleeding heart parole board turns them loose again. Let's see... anyone know the annual cost for keeping a imprisoned killer? On death row while numerous appeals play out? How many killers are we keeping in prison at this moment? Inquiring minds want to know. - Elric