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Monday, July 04, 2016

Heirs bash the Kennedy legacy

There are what the hell moments in my life, when I question the sanity of liberals. Today's moment is the headline in the Daily Mail: "Kennedy family BASHES Trump over Fourth of July weekend with a piñata of The Donald at their Cape Cod compound."

From the Daily Mail:
The Kennedy clan gathered at their Hyannis Port compound on Cape Cod over the weekend for their annual Fourth of July festivities, and took some time to attack Donald Trump.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s daughter Kathleen, between known as Kick, posted a photos of a pinata of The Donald from a family party over the weekend.
'It's yuge party!,' wrote Kick in the caption of the Instagram post, which also showed some of her family members milling about in the background.
She later deleted the Instagram post just before 11am on Monday. 
The post was liked by a number of Kick's famous friends including Glenn Close, Hardball host Chris Matthews' son Thomas, model turned E! reality star Jessica Joffe, singer Santigold and publishing heiress Anne Hearst, who commented on the photo: 'Is that a piñata ? Very funny.'
Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's daughter Georgina also liked the post as did Jamie Johnson, who produced and directed the 2003 documentary Born Rich about children born into wealthy families.
Ivanka Trump was one of the stars of the documentary, as was Georgina.
She can delete all she wants, but the problem is the act itself.

I won't go into the cries of racism when a Republican voter hung Obama in effigy, or the cries of misogyny when someone depicts Hillary as the witch she is.

In fact, if you want to smack Trump as a piñata, do it.

Unless you are a Kennedy.

Regardless of their politics, most Americans feel great empathy for the Kennedy clan which suffered the heart-breaking loss of President Kennedy and his brother, Robert, who were assassinated by crazed men. Therefore, it gives great pause to those of us who were alive and aware of politics in the 1960s to see the children and grandchildren of Robert Kennedy commit acts of violence against Donald Trump, even if it is symbolic.

If I have to tell you why, you may just be a Kennedy, because you are not bashing Trump, you are disgracing the memory of Jack and Robert Kennedy by approving political violence. Intended or not, this cheapens political violence.

Frankly, I liked it better when the Kennedys just played touch football at these gatherings.


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  1. I cannot get over the amazing callous act .
    Here is why: RFKjr's wife committed suicide
    by hanging herself.(there is some suspicous circumstances, but hey, a Kennedy is involved.)

  2. The Kennedy's are a bunch of entitled thieves. One of them got married in my home town and they threw a huge bash at a local restaurant that had just opened. They walked out on a fifty thousand dollar bill and the restaurateur never recovered and went bankrupt. These people are degenerate amoral scum. We should make JFK and RFK's assassination dafes national holidays and celebrate their deaths by hanging pinatas of Teddy riding in an Oldsmobile with a big tumor hanging out of his head and a gagged blonde in the passenger seat.

  3. No-class high-lifes is what they are. NO class whatever.

  4. Screw the damned Kennedys. I remember the sham that was Camelot when the media drooled all over them the way they've drooled all over the Os.

    Daddy was a bootlegger and a coward who wanted to make a deal with Hitler. Jack was a womanizing fool who damned near got the world blown up. Oswald (or Khruschev or whomever) did us all a favor. Teddy gave us the present mess we have in immigration and left a young woman to die. Bobby was a vindictive bureaucrat who abused his powers as AG as much as Eric Holder ever did.

    They want people to believe they're some kind of elegant royalty, but they were and are a pack pf pretentious social climbers no different from the Ozark Mafia or the Choom Gang. That kind of behavior is pretty much what I expect from them.

    1. I'm not sure that making LBJ president amounted to doing the country any favors, but I share your contempt for the earlier generation of Kennedys.

  5. It is interesting that a list on Free Republic of Dubya's top 9 nicknames for Ted the Swimmer has "Edward Pinata-head" as #1.

    It is amazing to me that we should somehow care that the elite friends of the posh Kennedy family are making fun of the elite Trump family. To put down this non-event, I will borrow from the words of Hillary, "What difference does it make?"

    1. One difference is that with Trump, What You See Is What You Get. With the Kennedys, it's a big facade; they put on airs and think they are better, but in reality they act no better. If they weren't so hypocritical, it might be easy to sympathize with a family that's been struck by so much tragedy.

  6. Agreed, the Kennedy family was the Irish Mafia.

  7. The Kennedy brothers themselves countenanced the use of violence against political leaders - Castro, Diem, etc.

    I wouldn't waste too much sympathy on them.

  8. I have never questioned the sanity of any liberal.

    I KNOW they're all batsh*t crazy.

    1. Dave, Dave, DAVE! YAY, Dave! Bullseye!

  9. It occurs to me, this being America, we should have a president that we can smack around in effigy. So Obama and Hillary, being too special for traditional American treatment, aren't really the type of people who should be the American President.