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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Gaming the New York Times

The New York Times continued this goofy rant that Trump opposes Hillary out of antisemitism. Trump opened his course in Palm Beach to blacks and Jews when Hillary was calling her husband's old campaign manager a "f****** Jew bastard." (The link.)

But hey, they are that desperate.

The headline in the New York Times read: "In a Defiant, Angry Speech, Donald Trump Defends Image Seen as Anti-Semitic."

Seen as Anti-Semitic?

Either it is or it isn't -- and of course, it isn't. But the New York Times knows it has nothing on Trump, but went with this because Hillary and her Flying Monkeys in the press are desperate to stop him. They do not know how. And watch how he uses this against them.

From the story:
Donald J. Trump on Wednesday offered a defiant defense of his campaign’s decision to publish an image widely viewed as anti-Semitic — saying he regretted deleting it — and vigorously reaffirmed his praise of Saddam Hussein, the murderous Iraqi dictator.
In the span of 30 minutes, an often-shouting Mr. Trump breathed new life into a controversy that was sparked on Saturday by his posting of an image on his Twitter account of a six-pointed star next to a picture of Hillary Clinton, with money seeming to rain down in the background. The image was quickly, and broadly, criticized for invoking stereotypes of Jews. Mr. Trump deleted it two hours later, and replaced the star image with a circle.
“ ‘You shouldn’t have taken it down,’ ” Mr. Trump recalled telling one of his campaign workers. “I said, ‘Too bad, you should have left it up.’ I would have rather defended it.”
“That’s just a star,” Mr. Trump said repeatedly.
It was a striking display of self-sabotage from a presumptive presidential nominee and underscored the limitations of Mr. Trump’s scattershot approach during the Republican primaries — not to mention how difficult he often makes it for his campaign team to control him.
Weird. Just plain weird. Why would a newspaper advocate unseen managers and handlers

Oh wait, Hillary needs to be propped up like that.

Over on press row, the tweets last night wondered why he was reviving it. Why was he bringing this up again? The consensus was the subject only hurts him.

Does it now?

Let is consider three things:

1. Hillary isn't Jewish.

2. By branding Trump's attack on her as Anti-Semitic, the media looks stupid.

3. Running against the media.

Trump knows his voters don't read the New York Times. But its incessant attacks have served him well over the years and will continue to do so throughout this campaign, So he lets them throw this cheap crap at him and feeds it right back to them. The audience loves it. One man big enough and strong enough to stand up to The Establishment.


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  1. Granny Cankles is desperately trying to draw attention away from her e-mail/server scandal. Her free pass by the FBI and DoJ may keep her from an indictment, but it sure raised a lot more and a higher grade stink. Congress needs to follow up with its investigation of how the FBI came to its conclusion to defer prosecution. There's a high-level fix in the mix somewhere. It needs to be found and exposed. Something is rotten in the state of our republic, and Hillary is both a cause and a symptom. - Elric

  2. Trump getting more free press with Hillary playing the part of Rosie O'Donnell. Win-win.

  3. "one man big and strong enough to stand up to The Establishment."

    Well stated Mr Surber! That is what we need exactly, is it not? I have had it "up to here" with this business about Mr. Trump not being "the perfect candidate." Well who the he** is that going to be, exactly?

    I'll repeat Don's comment: one man big and strong enough to stand up to The Establishment.

    Mr. Trump has shown that he is up to the task. Who else would be doing a better job at this than Mr. Trump? Buehler???

    Trump is our guy, folks. We need someone who can get down into the mud with the clinton and media machine and slug it out with them and give it right back to them. I haven't seen anyone who can do this like Trump.

    Can't wait to read the book.

  4. An anti-Semitic attack on Hillary? When we ALL know she's not? What them boys been smokin'?

  5. The New York Slime has now jumped the shark. They have fueled a fictitious "controversy" of their own making out of desperation for their candidate and they have now lowered their level of political editorializing to the sewer. It's time for someone to call on Hillary to disavow these disgusting slurs and lies against her opponent.