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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fifth Amazon Review of "Trump the Press"

Reader Dave Whitney has posted the fifth review on Amazon of "Trump the Press: Don Surber's take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race." I shall post it here.

Along with Steven Hayward of Power Line, and Austin Bay at Instapundit, Mister Whitney liked it.

By Dave Whitney:
Superb and possible prescient look at the Trump phenomenon
'Trump the Press' is an exhaustively researched and yet fun - I would say compelling! - read about one of the most unlikely Presidential nominees of all time. Specifically, it's a look at how badly everyone, even the right-wing-centric pundits, missed the forest for the trees when it comes to the man's qualities as a modern-day political candidate.
If you're not a fan of Donald Trump, rest assured that this is not simply a polemic designed to tout the man's virtues. This is still worth a read if you're interested in the phenomenon of 'groupthink', where wisdom known 'by all' is simply accepted, repeated, and amplified throughout a given profession.
Don Surber is a former journalist; his training on how to 'spot the lede' is absolutely welcome when it comes to a thorough and well-deserved pantsing of the professional commentariat class. I like the plainspoken, 'as I see it' take on current events done by him on both his blog and his unabashedly patriotic series on Great Americans.
Surber's style is reminiscent of historian Bruce Catton, who wrote about the American Civil War (interestingly enough, Catton was a former newspaper man himself!) The comparison is even more apt given that of all the reasons Trump dominated the Republican race, a quote from Abe Lincoln about the flawed U.S. Grant is the most spot-on: 'I can't spare this man; he fights.'
A majority of Republican voters apparently felt the same way about Donald Trump.
Whether Trump wins the presidential election or not, one hopes that future conservative candidates will learn from him. Specifically, that it's better to go down swinging, rather than be sent humbly off into the night for not kowtowing to their betters in the Beltway.
Thank you, Mister Whitney. I put a lot of research in the book -- 321 people quoted -- and enjoyed writing it.

To those of you who have purchased and read the book, please write a review at Amazon. That helps attract new readers.

To those who haven't, what are you waiting for :)


"Trump the Press: Don Surber's take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race," is now on sale.

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  1. I got my copy the other day. The chapters are short (thank GOD) and the writing is crisp. But most importantly, it's a fascinating read.