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Friday, July 29, 2016

Enjoy your new friends, He-Man Trump Haters Club

Talking Points Memo welcomed the staffs of The Weekly Standard and the National Review to the "I'm With Her" crowd. The passive-aggressive support of the Never Trump crowd for the Democratic Party this year has liberals giddy.

In fact, they were calling Obama Reagan!

From Talking Points Memo:
The Reviews Are In: Conservatives Say The DNC Was 'Disaster' For The GOP
The liberal site followed with Tweets from Hillary's latest supporters.

I mean, I get that never Trumpers will not vote for him. But do they are cheering on a woman who takes money from foreign governments, emails state secrets to her buddies, used a charity to launder foreign money for her campaign, stole furniture from the White House -- readers get the picture.

While I get that it is OK to praise Hillary when you believe she did well, that only works if you have not called Trump a clown, a Nazi, and someone you will never, ever vote for because that is the context that readers put such comments in.

The tweets praising the socialist party included those from  Jonah Goldberg ("Why this convention is better: It's about loving America. GOP convention was about loving Trump. If you didn't love Trump, it offered nada.") and John Podhoretz ("Take about five paragraphs out of that Obama speech and it could have been a Reagan speech. Trust me. I know.") and Charlie Sykes ("Snark aside: GOP needs to understand what is happening to them tonight").

Now most Never Trumpers are just not going to vote for him. I respect that.

What I dislike are these phonies who really want Hillary to win so they can sneak back in and take over the Republican Party again. You know, the party that under their "leadership" was destroyed in 2008.

And Obama as Reagan? Really?

I have a theory as to what is fueling some of this outrageous behavior. You cannot argue that he is a fascist, untrustworthy, liar or crook because Hillary is all that and more. You also cannot argue that he is more dangerous because she almost blew up the world with her reset button, bombing Libya, and taking bribes from the House of Saud.

So that means it is personal, not business.

At any rate, they have made their beds, let them lie in it with the liars. They are no longer part of the Republican Party. Fine. Now will they kindly stop their concern trolling?

The national party failed and Trump took it over. The new CEO cleaned house. Those who don't like it have parted. They want to see him fail, which is different from not voting for him. They are doing psy ops for Hillary now, trying to demoralize Trump's supporters.

It will work about as well as the "Against Trump" edition of the National Review did in stopping him in the primaries.

Meanwhile at the New York Post, a little bit of backbone on Page One.

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  1. Jonah Goldberg: "Why this convention is better: It's about loving America. GOP convention was about loving Trump. If you didn't love Trump, it offered nada."

    Au contraire, Pierre! It wasn't about loving Trump. It was about loving America as symbolized by Trump. Strong, robust, ready to get to work, fight for what you believe in, and hopeful toward the future. In other words, everything the Republican base WANTS their party to be but the GOP Establishment has failed to provide. Good riddance to the #NeverTrumpers and their arrogant attitudes and petty vindictiveness. - Elric

    1. I'm thinkin' back... When did I last see a Dem who loved America? Well, actually, the only one I saw in person was Harry Truman.

      Jonah, now, he was hallucinating about the Dems loving America.

  2. All you had to do was look how the party rallied around Trump after the NeverTrumpers failed and the One True Ted destroyed himself.

    OTOH the Bernies and maybe the BlackLives crowd are walking.

  3. The Never Trumpers need to google coup d''etat. The people are angry and you are political trash.

  4. These never Trumpers live in a fantasy world where the GOP crashes and burns thanks to Trump and then is picked up and revived by the "pure" conservatives who then move the party forward to a bright future full of rainbows and unicorns. It's the conservative version of Cloward-Piven.

  5. "Whosoever journeys to a tyrant becomes his slave,even though free when he set out"
    Perhaps Jonah believes he can live as a house slave to HC for few years then appear in public without his collar to claim he never wore it. Who will listen to him then?

  6. How on earth can anyone watch that Harpy live
    and say she cares about anyone but herself?
    Did Jonah&Co read the commun,er. Democrat platform.
    It is about destroying what is left.
    They hate Trump to the point of killing our
    Republic. Enjoy your chains, may they be light..
    TG McCoy

    1. Heavy, TG; they should be heavy, so as to concentrate his mind on what he did wrong.

  7. The Wuss Right spent 25 years fund-raising off of Hillary as the Great Marxist Witch, and now they openly campaign for her. It was all lies.

    1. An extremely salient point. What's your diagnosis, doc? Trump Derangement Syndrome? It appears that the disease is progressing rapidly and there is no known cure. - Elric

    2. Low T. Big problem when you cut of your own balls, like those guys did.

    3. Heh heh! You're probably correct with that diagnosis. Many of them backed JEB! - Elric

  8. Obama is Reagan? More like Brezhnev. He liked giving himself Gold Stars for no apparent reason too.

  9. They loved America so much they had to be shamed into putting American flags on stage on the second night of the convention. They loved America so much that they had to put the words to the Pledge of Allegiance on a teleprompter. I could go on.

  10. When connected insiders like Goldberg and Podhoretz talk about "America", they really mean DC and New York.

  11. Goldberg and the rest are ill. They haven't ever had real jobs, don't have a goddamned clue how their stuff gets to them, and have been living in the beltway so long they don't have anything in common with the real America. Fuck them. After the election, I'm going to have a lot more time, because I won't be wasting time reading these jerks, or listening to anyone but Rush.

  12. A real sign of love when over 1000 walked out (press says dozens..lying pri...don't bother)Another sign of love and unity with chants for Bernie. The jerk or jerks who heckled the moment of silence for the police. The love shown to Islamic terror by not mentioning it. What a bunch of gag worthy sycophants singing kumbya hugging symbolic trees. A bunch of aging hippies from the 60's and their brainwashed university elite safe place fools. How sad that Golberg and his other out of touch collaborators has descended to the shabby depths of supporting such an out and out fraud and liar.

  13. Two or so years ago I attended a sizable meeting to whom Jonah spoke. I was late and sat in the room's rear while his warm-up acts proceeded. He was in a corner back there, engrossed in conversation on his smartphone. His posture and appearance was that of a well-paid actor waiting to go on stage with his gig. He had no interest in the people around him, nor in the proceedings of the meeting's convener. This occurred on the West/Left coast, BTW. I wondered it he believed anything he said, whether it was all just shtick, a routine for separating a peculiar demographic from their monies. That was the impression he gave me. No engagement with the people present. None. Not even interest in them. And these were upscale, monied people, which of course should not make a difference, but is germane to my observations there and in view of customary, though hardly proper, manners of assessing the fellow man.