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Monday, July 11, 2016

Did ABC get the comments it wanted?

ABC in Chicago posted a video on Facebook of a Louisiana state trooper shoving one man into the trashcans and bodyslamming another man after they refused to leave a bar and move along.

The post said: "Police say the trooper slammed Michael Hoffman down because he refused to comply with orders. Do you think the trooper's actions were reasonable?"

The overwhelming reaction was, so?

The top comments:
Madelyn DeLucia Ragland: Before race gets brought into this let's just all agree that this happens when you don't comply with police orders. Plain and simple. Listen to the police or get taken down. If you don't like how the police treat you get a lawyer and sue.
(The officer is black. The perps are white.)
Patryk Klich: All these people saying just don't resist I get that, but if it was a black guy getting bodyslammed by a white cop there would be a riot.
Joyce Gallagher: Do what the cop tells you. Period. Tired of seeing people resist arrest then cry police brutality. The guy is visibly drunk -- his own fault.
Gary Tomaszewski: Where's all the white lives matter people rioting because a black cop used excessive force on a white guy? Can we start rioting and looting and then say what we did was right and acceptable?
Mary Teresa: If you don't listen to the police officer thats what's going to happen. Good job officer maybe next time those guys won't act so stupid!
Dan McPherrin: You have the right to ask if you're being arrested or detained, and the officer is obligated, by law, to tell you - unless he/she are in physical danger (clearly not in this case). I could care less about race, and the problem here is the militarization of police and the robo-cop mentality that's encouraged and perpetuated by state, local and federal governments. You are NOT obligated to comply if you've done nothing wrong, and let's face's New Orleans. Was this guy really doing anything out of the ordinary? This is a systemic problem in law enforcement across the US, and it's only going to get worse.
Anne Boudreaux Rooks: I am in New Orleans and following this story locally. The bar owner has reiterated that Hoffman had been belligerent for quite some time, was asked repeatedly to leave, was (in fact) given his credit card but was too drunk to remember, and refused to move on when a state trooper asked him to. I go to the FQ all of the time and manage not to get tackled by the police. They put up with and overlook A LOT, as do bar managers. There is more to this story that wasn't recorded. I am willing to bet that as a Chicago professional he doesn't act like that up there. Bourbon St. isn't license to act like an idiot, although a lot of people do. And even then, most don't get taken down by a trooper.
(I trust anyone in New Orleans with Boudreaux in their name.)
Rachel Myers: That cop had every right to do what he did. There was one officer and a group of people around. He tried talking to them and those two guys did not comply. I don't care what color any of them are... U resist, u get what u get.
Ben Kovacik: Yes, his response is okay, the guy was trying to resist arrest, just listen to the police, and you wont be taken down.
Yes, the police make mistakes, but drunks make even bigger ones and with greater frequency. If the rights of the drunks were violated, they can always pursue the matter when they are sober.


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  1. The kindly state trooper simply used an expedient and affective method for getting a belligerent drunk's attention. - Elric

    1. Oops! "Effective." Danged fingers aren't working very well today. - Elric

    2. Well, it did affect him noticeably.

  2. The majority is against the Lefty media on this, as they are with letting Cacklepants skate.

    This bodes well.