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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Another Clinton-Never Trump lie fails

Google "Donald Trump’s Campaign Is Broke" broke within the last month and you will find Jonah Goldberg of the National Review, Leon Wolf of Red State, and such liberal sites as Talking Points Memo, the Daily Beast, the New York Times, and of course the Washington Post all saying the same thing: He is a failed candidate because he is not raising money.

They cited a Federal Election Commission report in their pile-up. The 823 members of Clinton's election campaign/Clinton Foundation scam sent out word and the lefty press picked up on it. Naturally, whatever the left reports as gospel, the Never Trump writers repeat.

Here were the facts as reported by the New York Times:
Donald J. Trump enters the general election campaign laboring under the worst financial and organizational disadvantage of any major party nominee in recent history, placing both his candidacy and his party in political peril.
Mr. Trump began June with just $1.3 million in cash on hand, a figure more typical for a campaign for the House of Representatives than the White House. He trailed Hillary Clinton, who raised more than $28 million in May, by more than $41 million, according to reports filed late Monday night with the Federal Election Commission.
Of course. By and large, he self-funded his nomination campaign with a $43 million "loan" to himself which he wrote of in May.

Left out of the equation is the large, clunky staff and hangers on that Clinton's campaign must finance. She needs money. Now. More. More. More. Munch, munch, munch.

Today, Matea Gold of the Washington Post reported:
Donald Trump raised more than $26 million through online and mail solicitations in June and another $25 million at events with the Republican National Committee, his campaign announced Wednesday, a hefty haul that his allies hope will put to rest anxieties in the party about his fundraising prowess.
The combined $51 million falls short of the $68.5 million that Democratic contender Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party collected in June, which included $40.5 million she raised directly for her campaign. But it was the biggest monthly take by far for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, who did not begin to hold fundraising events until late May. And it suggests Trump has the ability to quickly inject large sums of money into his campaign coffers by tapping into the fervor of his supporters.
Oh, he loaned his campaign another $5 million. So much for him being broke. I will update readers in a later post on how they spin it.

I see the press is missing the story on the general election just like they did the nomination process.


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  1. The Stupid is STRONG in these ones. Self-blinded is the strongest blinding.

  2. The NY Times was SO hoping for some full-page ads from Trump.

    1. Trump may be crazy, but he's not stupid. NYT readers? They voted Remain. Losers.
      So sad.

  3. He's also losing because he's still down a point to Hillary.

    Not by double digits anymore, but that doesn't count.



  4. Give directly to the Trump campaign. If you give to the RNC part of your money goes to Ryan.

  5. Crooked Cankles also has a record of not wisely using campaign cash as she proved in 2008. That's why she needs to raise so much money. Trump does not need as much money because of the way he plays the media.

    1. Shh, Denny! Don't let the media know that Trump is playing them like a Strad. All the free publicity he gets far outstrips all the stuff Hillary and the DNC must pay their operatives for.

    2. Income is, as you note, one part of the equation. The other part is expenditures. How do those two match up? And then ask how much value the expenditure provided to the candidate.

      Such an analysis is far, far more useful than a fundraiser horse race because - surprisingly - the winner of the contest is not necessarily the one who raised and spent the most money. Ask Jeb Bush about that.

      -Mikey NTH

  6. No doubt the next shot in the Clintons' locker will be to out Trump for that freaky-weird sexual fetish of his.

    It seems he likes to wear men's underwear.

    1. I really did LOL.

    2. The HORROR!!! The horror...

  7. The Clintonista media want to further the meme that Trump is an underfunded and flawed candidate who cannot win. They hope that by constantly beating that drum they will discourage Trump voters and convince independents that they should not vote for Trump.

    The NeverTrumpers jump on that bandwagon because they will do anything to derail Trump's candidacy and thus keep their entrenched privilege in the Establishment secure.