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Friday, July 22, 2016

A winning convention

Nomination Week ended with an explosion as Donald Trump delivered an acceptance speech that was a 76-minute encapsulation of all that is wrong with America, and how we will fix it. The buildup had been dramatic, and the payoff enormous. Trump told Americans: I’m with you, the American people.

The lead up to that speech was refreshing. Others talk of reaching out to minorities, women and gays. Trump delivered.

In the vice presidency, he did not need to throw a Hail Mary like Bush 41 with Quayle and McCain with Palin. (By the way, Bill Kristol was behind the selection of both, later serving as Quayle's chief of staff.) Instead, Trump selected a competent and proven political leader whom people in Washington respect.

In the prime-time speeches, he did not have to haul in Clint Eastwood to talk to a chair. Trump used Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie to nuke Hillary on her record and ethics. Both are former federal prosecutors well-versed in making closing arguments.

The nominee could afford to have these great speakers because he had the self-confidence in his own powers of speech. Decades of learning to give extemporaneous speeches paid off. He also let Ted Cruz speak even though Cruz refused to endorse him. That backfired, just like all of Cruz's sneaky plans to hijack the convention.

Trump's bevy of speakers included minorities, women and gay people, which is requisite. But the people he chose were not from central casting. Dave Clarke -- America's sheriff  (sorry Joe Arpaio but there's a new sheriff in town -- gave voice to black people who reject Black Lives Matter.

Gay billionaire (his fame stems from bankrupting the fellow who outed him) Peter Thiel, too, showed how you move beyond appealing to white, straight males. Hint: it is not by pandering:
I don’t pretend to agree with every plank in our party’s platform. But fake culture wars only distract us from our economic decline. When I was a kid, the great debate was about how to defeat the Soviet Union. And we won. Now we are told that the great debate is about who gets to use which bathroom. This is a distraction from our real problems. Who cares?
Trump's four adult children -- each speaking on their own night - delivered the human side of Trump. I compared Ivanka's CEO speech to the Bush twins and their juvenile intro of their father (I was embarrassed by the "Sex in the City" reference) and realized the difference. Along with Chelsea Clinton, all four women are roughly the same age. While it is unfair to compare a woman in her 30s with two women in college, I doubt Ms. Trump watched "Sex in the City." Maybe I am wrong. But hers was not a frivolous life on the beach; rather she spent her summers working at a string of lowly jobs and learning business from the ground up.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air had a slightly different take but arrived at the same conclusion.

From Morrissey:
The GOP had a trainwreck in Cleveland. Is that a good thing?
Traditionally speaking, the Republican national convention would look like a near-total debacle. In the era of television, major-party conventions have become tightly choreographed displays of party unity, bland speeches hailing the nominee, and almost entirely forgotten by everyone except the delegates after the usual polling bump recedes. By that measure, the GOP’s four-day event in Cleveland was a debacle: floor fights, a vanquished primary candidate telling the world from a prime-time main stage speaking slot that he didn’t support the nominee, and a plagiarism scandal that went on at least a day longer than necessary thanks to attempts to rationalize it away.
I can see his point. Romney's convention went by the book. So did his campaign. He did everything his consultants told him to do.

Trump is a rookie in politics, but he is quick on the uptake. And while the experts built a Titanic, Trump built a Noah's Ark. But he brought an authenticity to his campaign that was missing with Romney -- who really was a good man in 2012 and I do not regret that vote. He's since grown into a bitter old man, a warning for me in my next decade or two.

Morrissey quote Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post to make the point that Democrats should be worried:
Requirements for a successful convention next week in Philadelphia are modest. First, the Democrats need to display real party unity rather than the simulated kind; voters will be able to tell the difference. To that end, the speech by Bernie Sanders on Monday night will be tremendously important. If he goes all in for Clinton — and shows some enthusiasm about it — the Democratic Party’s built-in demographic and electoral college advantages will be able to kick in.
Beyond that, the convention needs to portray Clinton as a human being, rather than the grotesque caricature painted by Republicans; draw a contrast between her vast experience and Trump’s dangerous ignorance; demonstrate that she was enlightened, rather than annoyed, by the issues Sanders raised; and paint a positive vision of the nation’s future.]
Good luck on making Hillary look authentic. No one has succeeded doing that in 25 years of truying.

Trump is who he is. Voters get that the public Trump is not the private one.

Was this week's convention the best convention Evah? I have no clue.

But it was a winner despite the Never Trump/liberal attempts to spin it.

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  1. Thank you for reminding me why I don't read HotAir anymore. :)

  2. The GOP convention may have been a bit "un-conventional" at times, but it went pretty smoothly with very little protest and no real violence. I kind of wonder how the Democratic convention will unwind. Progressive Left attitudes and the fact that it will be held in Philadelphia (The City of Brotherly Love - right.) may make the ride a little bumpier. - Elric

    1. Hmmm... I just caught this item over at American Thinker. I wonder if this will influence the Democratic convention's level of police protection?

      "Philly police union livid at Clinton for inviting families of slain blacks to speak at Dem convention but refuses to invite relatives of murdered cops."

      I don't think I'd want to be in Philadelphia during the convention. - Elric

    2. Mumia Abu-Jamal could be reached for comment, but why bother

  3. Morissey is never going to say anything good. He's a bought and paid for Libertarian shill.

    As for the convention, Trump had a very good one. Cruz and his little tantrums hurt nobody but Cruz.

  4. The fake unity will last a day, and then the Democrats will get busy trying to think up ways to steal the election. After the Republican convention, the Dems are worried...terrified, in fact. You can tell by the level of vitriol being directed at the Trump family by the left-wing press. The press know: the rout is on! The Trumps exude youth, vigor, vitality, accomplishment, elegance and style. They are the new Kennedys. The Clinton family photo is a picture of death and decay: two gaunt, old people for whom the White House will be their taxpayer funded assisted living facility; entitlement instead of accomplishment; Hillary's dowdiness amidst Bill's lewdness. About the only bonus, were the Clinton's to return to the White House, is that they might return the government-owned furnishings they stole from the People's House when they last departed it.

    1. "Clinton's vast experience"? At what? Certainly not being a success. Forget SNAFU 101, she could lecture in Pure and Applied FUBAR.

    2. She has experience at lying, you gotta admit that. Remember, Hillary supporters like Robinson can't point to anything she's done, other than the fact she's managed to hang around a long, long, oh so long time, like some fungal rash that refuses to go away. Now some people might wonder what the heck she's accomplished in all that time. But, hey, you're not supposed to ask that question. You're supposed to think that being the political equivalent of the Kardashians equals accomplishment and talent and competence, of which she has demonstrated none. The Dems, they got nuthin.

    3. "assisted living facility"--nearly crapped my pants (maybe I'm about ready for one). It would almost be worth having them elected for all the material that would offer.

  5. The convention reminded me of the original "Wayne's World" blurb, for which Cruz supplied the third component.

    "You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll hurl!"

  6. I watched the speech while reading the copy Don posted. Trump did well reading the lines, and whenever he made a booboo he adlibbed perfectly to scrub it clean. Also added in a few phrases to spice it up. Sign of a quick learner.

  7. One more thing. The rough spots gave the convention a feel of authenticity that they don't ordinarily have. And allowing Cruz to go make a fool of himself gave Trump even more free media exposure. When Buchanan gave his battle for the soul of America speech it was of a similar vein to Cruz, but with a difference. It may turn out to be Like Reagan's City on a Hill speech given in the airport after losing to Ford. Buchanan set up Trump's win Just as Reagan set up his own.

  8. Trump's bottom line: We've given up essential liberties for temporary security, and how very secure do YOU feel, Mr and Ms America?

  9. Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.

    Wikileaks nukes Democrats on eve of Convention.

    Google it, and see the difference in reporting between shill and non-shill.