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Friday, July 29, 2016

11th Amazon review of "Trump the Press"

His name is Ned. He bought the Kindle version and liked it. As is my policy, I post the Amazon reviews to encourage other readers to post their reviews.

From Ned:
Come November Lots of Humpty Dumpties Will Be Lined Up Atop The Wall
Don Surber provides a service for those of us who used to identify as American conservatives until...until we noticed what the soi-disant "leaders" of conservatism were saying. Tantrums, ugly names - to call them ad hominem is to give the name-calling a gravitas it will never have.
Surely Russell Kirk is rolling over in his grave as the ill-mannered, foul-mouthed schoolyard bullies give full throat to their own prejudices. Hell hath no fury like a would-be conservative on the wrong side of history.
Surber names names and places. This book is an excellent reference for those who want to sort out the few remaining courteous observers left in this shameful election cycle, when the wheels finally came off an increasingly creaky bus. The insiders continue with their imprecations even as their vehicle careers down the mountainside: a sickening thud awaits these poor irrelevant doubt they will continue shouting "STOP!" all the way to the bottom.
Thank you, Ned. Don't be a stranger to the blog.

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  1. I'm about halfway through your book. A coincidence, I pulled some of my old Kirk books out of storage today. One I'm going to take another look at is The Politics of Prudence where he takes on neoconservatism. It's probably more pertinent now than it was when it was first written.