Monday, June 27, 2016

Tweet of the day

New owner, same stupidity.


  1. The flies change, but the crap stays the same.

  2. It seems to be getting harder for media types to keep that mask from slipping off. Maybe if they got out more amongst us regular folk they'd learn to be a little more cautious about their biases. Living in an echo chamber all the time makes one develop habits of speech and thought that don't cross over well into the real world. On the other hand, people who have been driven underground develop two or more language sets for use in particular circumstances. It is the job of the establishment inquisitors to root out heretical speech by tripping up those who seem resistant to dogma into revealing themselves and their compatriots so they can be destroyed. It is a sign of imminent revolution when the repressed underground begins to care less about whether their mask slips. Nowadays mask slipping on the left seems to do more damage than the same on the right. The ability of the inquisitors to intimidate is dropping off because they have spread their nets too wide and the traps are failing. People are starting to laugh at them. Case in point.

  3. Having been college educated in the 70's
    I was on the edge of that sea change of
    new lefties in academia. I never was one
    to follow the Lemming herd off the cliff.
    The WaPo editor is a Lemming herder. If the
    Lemmings stop and say "NO!" then he gets the vapors and we, the smart Lemmings are the problem. We are just too stupid to handle our
    own affairs the Globalists and Fusion Party
    people are much smarter and nuanced than we.
    To this I say Trump, 2016.

  4. "Progressivism" has always been about Ruling In the Name of the People...not the Will of the People, or with their consent. Europe, where "Progressivism" started, has a long tradition of hereditary dictatorial rule. All "Progressivism" really did is replace hereditary with bureaucratic. And I can pretty much guarantee that the bureaucratic dictatorship, taking care of business at home first, will eventually become a hereditary plutocracy of corrupt ineptitude. "Progressivism" is simply a road to the past, not the future.

  5. I hear "progressive", and I immediately think "CANCER!!"