Saturday, June 25, 2016

Tweet of the day

As a matter of fact Instapundit did make this its Tweet Of The Day. Who do you think I stole it from?


  1. "Keeping Up With The Clintons" might not display the elegance of Chaucer, but it DOES have the concomitant crudities of the period.

  2. I disagree with "none of the characters". One of those characters is George Will, and he, well:

    1. Yeah, Sam, and when I read that, I yawned so hugely that my jawbone locked and I had to punch myself in the face to get things good again. George Will. George Won't. I stopped taking that milquetoast seriously four years ago. Brave move, George...don't let the door hit you on your tiny wimp ass on the way out. Who ya gonna write for now...Vice?

  3. 2009-2016 is like a bad short story by H.P. Lovecraft with Obama as Cthulu and Hillary as Nyarlathotep.

    God help us if there is a sequel.

    Steve in Greensboro