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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Trumping terrorism -- the plan

This election is a clash of visions of America. Trump's idea is to protect America from terrorists. Hillary's idea is to protect terrorists from America.

His plan to curtail immigration overall and to ban, temporarily, the import of persons from Muslim terrorist countries has merit. Her plan to further regulate guns will not work because her proposals would not have prevented the San Bernardino Muslim terrorists or the Orlando Muslim terrorist from legally acquiring weapons.

So what is Trump's proposal based on?

From Byron York of the Washington Examiner:
Trump made both points at his recent rally in Greensboro, N.C. Here's how he made the first: "We've admitted four times more immigrants than any other country in the world. We can't do this. We can't do this. Not surprisingly, real wages haven't increased for 18 years. And then they wonder why I have packed houses."
Critics quibble with Trump's "four times" point, arguing that more sophisticated ways of counting would yield a different result. But Trump's point stands: the U.S. has admitted more immigrants than any other country, and by any reckoning admits a lot of immigrants.
Here's how Trump made the second point: "Just so you understand — I have many Muslim friends. These are amazing people. They're great people. The problem we have is, whether it's 7 percent or 9 percent or 11 percent or 1 percent — we're having a tremendous problem in our country. We don't know — there doesn't seem to be assimilation — we don't know what's going on."
York has been a reliably objective observer of the Trumpvolution, and a sanctuary of common sense in the Battle Against Logic waged by most pundits this political cycle. Trump also applies cold logic. York gave as an example, a Pew Research poll that found most Muslims in America reject terrorism. York noted:
One can read those numbers reassuringly — 81 percent disavow jihadist violence — or one can read them alarmingly. Trump reads them alarmingly. If Pew's numbers are correct, then 13 percent of the Muslims currently in the United States believe Islamist violence is justified in at least some cases. Given the current Muslim population of the U.S., that's just under 400,000 people.
Trump can see the problem. I can see the problem. You can see the problem. So why cannot the pundits?

All they see is Hitler with a Creamsicle orange face. Their words, not mine.

No, they do see it. They are in denial. Trump has a better plan to protect Americans. But in reducing immigration, the patrons of Washington -- the fatcats who hold the strings of many of the Never Trumpers -- would be financial inconvenienced by reining in the New World Order and the globalization that is its foundation.

And so we get dozens of little nontroversies instead of any discussion of Trump's plan, besides dismissing it as xenophobic and Know Nothing. The problem with Muslim immigration is there seems to be no particular desire by many Muslims to assimilate. In fact, many would like to impose sharia law here.

York ended his piece:
The Muslim ban proposal has set off near-hysterical reactions among both Democrats and some anti-Trump Republicans. The people who have called him bigoted, hateful, a Nazi, un-American, and more are not likely to calm down if Trump were to refocus his proposal. But Trump, supported by current events — the Orlando shooter's family just happened to come from one of the worst countries in the world in terms of Muslim radicalization — could reset the debate just the same.
We need to cease going down this open borders pathway. It is national suicide.

Coming soon -- "Trump the Press: Don Surber's take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race."


  1. Build the damn wall! Enforce the laws we already have on the books rigorously and with NO exceptions. Let's get this illegal immigration mess under control. - Elric

    1. Meanwhile, the Sauerkrauthammer headlines: "Trump is running as Trump. Surprise!"

      He goes on to say: "What Trump is doing on the campaign trail."

      Winning, it seems, Chuck.

      Ever wonder whether Chuck's polo neck is a mite too tight these days?

  2. We need a full time out on ALL immigration, legal, illegal, double secret, all of it. The H1-B visa program is legal and it has decimated the wages and career opportunities for thousands of US citizens, and turned over huge portions of the Silicon Valley to Chinese and Indian immigrants. what have we gained from this? The minute you tell congress that illegal has to stop but legal is OK, they will say "Awesome. Immigration to the US now is declared legal and here come 2 million more third worlders." Immigration should be set to benefit American citizens and I cannot any value of allowing a single immigrant today. We have 20% unemployment and are become more mechanized and automated every day. Immigration is an outdated concept and we need to phase it out completely. Let China, India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, or someone else stupidly shoulder the burden of being flooded with third worlders. Germany and Sweden and some other western European nations have been stupid enough to allow this too and what has it gotten them? ENOUGH

  3. I'm waiting for DJT to include in a speech, if you elect me, I'll have a phone and I'll have my pen. That will scare the living sh-- outta the Progs.

  4. If Hungary can do it:

  5. "If Pew's numbers are correct, then 13 percent of the Muslims currently in the United States believe Islamist violence is justified in at least some cases."

    I'm less worried about the terrorists and the 13% of Muslims in America who might sympathize with jihad than I am of the 51% of all Muslims in America, peace loving or not, who favor sharia. As the number of sharia-favoring Muslims in the US grows, I am certain unless they are stopped the Liberal Left in this country will demand and eventually impose on the rest of us an accommodation with Muslim customs and practices, including sharia law. This country will not be defeated by an external threat from terrorists. It will be defeated by our fellow Americans who are more than willing to surrender the fundamental liberties on which this country was founded. The great American Experiment will not come to a sudden violent end in war. It will end piecemeal when, as in Britain, it is undermined from within and our individual freedoms are discarded without a shot being fired.

    1. Britain is long gone. This guy was arrested for quoting Churchill on the Muslim menace:

    2. Just my thought about Sharia too. They may not "support" terrorism but supporting Sharia is not much different.

  6. You know what the Leftists and NeverTrumpers complaints remind me of?

    The "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh" novelty song.

    Can't you just see it? Trump reading to the Leftards from "The Art of the Deal"? Cos The Donald wants no schlemiels...

  7. The muslims breed like rabbits and as their numbers grow, we inch steadily toward a caliphate here in the US. You can see it happening. Ramadan? We had never heard of that 10 years ago. The Eid? Also new. Now the muzzies want school holidays. keith ellison is sworn into office on the koran. I say the best thing to do is stop it ALL and then keep an eye on the muzzies. If I were king, I would graciously and humanely deport every last one of them. The industrial-scale immigration is squeezing the life out of our economy and our nation and it needs to stop. Congressmen and women who support this should be tarred and feathered. I hope Trump comes down hard on this and I hope we can 'Cantor' a sizable number of RINO traitors like paul ryan. Iapetus is right, the threat and fight is not on some sand pile on the other side of the world -- it is right here at our border and on our soil.

  8. Iapetus writes: "I'm less worried about the terrorists and the 13% of Muslims in America who might sympathize with jihad than I am of the 51% of all Muslims in America, peace loving or not, who favor sharia. "

    As a condition of immigration to the US, one simple and easy to answer question: Do you favor Sharia' over US Laws. If the answer is Sharia', then the response should be: "Enjoy your life where you are. Entry DENIED." In perpetuity!! (That means FOREVER!!)

    And just because you are allowed to immigrate to the US, doesn't mean that you get to stay. If you start advocating for Sharia' it is back where you came from. No questions, no defense. As a non-citizen, you have no rights. Once a citizen and you start advocating Sharia' citizenship revoked and back you go!!

  9. We have been way too stupid and generous with our reluctance to deport immigrants. The entire muzzie community should be put under a microscope and if we think someone poses a danger, move 'em out. We are being colonized and fast, and this is serious business. If we don't get serious, smart and tough like Mr Trump says, it will get worse and we are going to be closer to physical altercations. I'd much rather the muzzies stay or relocate in their countries of origin. "Diversity" and "coexist" DO NOT WORK with these people.