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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Trump the rich

How dare the British vote for independence?

Our rich overlords will just see about that!

They tanked the pound real good. And the world stock markets. Suddenly the world economy spun around London again. Did they restore Victoria as queen? That lasted a few days, but stock prices will return to the previous levels because Brexit has no ill effect on commerce. In fact it will help.

Then Lord-Sir-Knight-Baron-Earl-Duke Richard Branson said he will punish the serfs for daring to upset his internationalist jet set. Off with their jobs! 3,000 of them.

From the Financial Express:
British entrepreneur Richard Branson today said his Virgin Group had pulled out of a deal involving 3,000 jobs after Britain voted to leave the EU.
In a television interview, the billionaire businessman added that Britain was heading for recession after the pound slumped to its lowest level against the dollar in more than three decades in the immediate aftermath of last Thursday’s referendum result.
And he urged the public to sign a petition calling for a second vote.
“We were about to do a very big deal and we canceled that deal that would have involved 3,000 jobs and that’s happening all over the country,” Branson told a show on the independent ITV network.
That will show the damned knaves.

I think there is another reason for this sudden disappearance of 3,000 promised jobs. I think business already was bad for him. Remember when Angie's List protested the right to religious freedom bill in Indiana and said it would not move to Indianapolis despite millions in bribes, er, incentives? The governor vetoed the bill. Angie's List still didn't move. I think it is because the company has yet to post a profit.

I imagine as November looms we will get threats and predictions of financial collapse, and the stock market may even fall 25 percent one afternoon because these goons collude. If dumb-ass journalists can, why not smart financiers?

But I also believe about 70 million American voters will say Trump it, and vote the Establishment out.

After eight years of Obama, some of us really don't see how things can get any worse.

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  1. Angie's List is in Indianapolis. They canceled expansion plans. They have only just been profitable in the last year or so. Actually, not very profitable.

  2. It's interesting to compare Branson to Trump. When the going might get tough for his country, Branson bails on it; Trump rises to the occasion. Who loves his country more? Who deserves our respect? The rich guy quitter who puts profit before country, or the equally wealthy guy with the funny haircut who has offered to roll up his sleeves to "rid the temple of the moneychangers"?

  3. Mr. Branson wouldn't have set up the deal if he didn't think he would make a considerable amount of money, EU or no EU. I'll bet he changes his mind pretty soon. - Elric

  4. We're already getting those warnings, but gooollllleeee, looks like the Donald and the Hildabeast are neck and neck again.

    Maybe all the rumors are true.

  5. Hahaha...I moved a tidy little sum from my bond funds to stock funds after Monday's close and am grinning from ear to ear right now. If you don't believe in America...what's left? Makin money that I'll contribute to the Trump Train. Word.

  6. Eighty percent of everything is turning up:

  7. Whose country do those voters think they live in, anyway? A few more tidal waves of third world immigrants that consign them to permanent minority status will put them in their place. The wonders of third world immigration! They come for love!