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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Trump is blameless

I have no quarrel with Never Trumpers. If a month after he clinched the Republican nomination you believe you cannot support him, then don't. Buy my book anyway, please.

But if you say that Donald Trump is in any way, shape or form even one iota responsible for the violence in San Jose and elsewhere this or any other week, then you are wrong, and I will show you the error of your ways.

Conservatives believe in free speech, or personal responsibility. They do not blame the victim. I get that some in Washington wish to discredit him, and fear a pro-Trump backlash against the Mexican flag-waving, American-flag burning brownshirts protected by the Democratic mayor of San Jose. The election of Trump as president stands as a repudiation of Washington. And so you get this intellectually empty screed from a guy at the Atlantic Monthly:
By using the preferred approach of the Donald Trump supporter who infamously sucker punched a peaceful protester, another execrable actor who ought to serve jail time for his inexcusable thuggery, San Jose’s violent anti-Trump protesters offered a reminder that beyond left and right, conservative and liberal, pro-Trump and anti-Trump, there is a broad majority of Americans who intuitively understand the peril of abiding violence in politics—who understand that it would ultimately empower the most thuggish, ruthless, impulsive sociopaths—and that it is vital to stand together on that point, now and forever after, if on nothing else.
All that would be true regardless of the horse-race implications of Thursday’s violence. It is nevertheless worth noting the likely effects of the violence. The San Jose anti-Trump protesters, like the violent anti-Trump protesters in Costa Mesa before them, more likely helped than hurt the odds of Trump being elected president.
Phone videos of Mexican flags waving as Trump supporters are attacked will fuel nativist anxieties about immigration as well as hate-group fundraising. 
White supremacists were undoubtedly smiling as they read the news.
Moral equivalence is a liberal principle. Conservatives who adopt it do so at the risk of being called the hypocrites they would become. The fundamental problem is the demonization of Trump as a xenophobe and the like. When you call a man Hitler and then, as happened last summer, create a meme about killing Baby Hitler, the message is clear.

Trump and his supporters did nothing wrong. He ran for president, held rallies, and won the requisite 1,237 delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination.

He did so despite being miscast as an ape, a clown, a fascist (ironic), Hitler, Mussolini, a racist, and more by people who knew so little about him that they told the public for months that he had a bad toupee. Now as organized, flag-burning, anti-American thugs riot, a few of these same snobs who called Trump all these terrible things are blaming Trump's rhetoric.

That is like saying jailing terrorists at Gitmo creates more terrorists. Oh wait, some of these pundits do that too.

I take free speech serious. I defend his right to speak out -- in as strong words as he wishes. Free speech isn't always pretty. And yes, speech has its consequences. Someone may call you names back. Deal with it.

But threats are not protected speech. Riots are not protected free speech. Violence is not protected free speech. They are the opposite of free speech.

However, I also support the right of Trump's critics to call him an ape, a clown, a fascist, Hitler, Mussolini, a racist, or whatever else they want. The only limit on free speech is that you do not interrupt him at his rallies. Hecklers do not belong there. Since December, there has been an organized and synchronized effort to disrupt his rallies.

And certainly his words do not give anyone an excuse to beat people up.

If you think this rioting has to do with Trump, you are wrong. The Democratic Party would do this to any Republican candidate. After the success of destroying Ferguson and Baltimore with riots labeled as protests, the liberal fascists are getting bolder. They would do this to Cruz, Rubio or Jeb Bush. It's fascist and liberals love it.

I beg conservatives to stand up against these fascists without hesitation or reservation. If that means you help Trump, so what? Compared to the 1 million men who died protecting our freedom over the last 250 or so years, that inconvenience is not worthy of squawking about. No one is asking anyone to vote for Trump. Just guard him from the brownshirts.


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  1. We see the brown shirts on the Left, and only claims and lies that there are some on the right.

  2. So Atlantic Monthly talks about "nativist anxieties." Does that mean they finally realize and admit we're all Native Americans, or do they mistakenly use "nativist" when they mean American?

    1. Virtue signalling dog whistle. Only it is getting to where it doesn't work anymore. They are like the Anglican priest who has just about lost his faith, has nowhere else to go, and is mouthing the liturgy out of habit.

  3. Liberals always blame anybody but themselves. And yes, Hitler's Brownshirts (SA - SturmAbteilung - Storm Detachment) were socialists and leftists. There has been no violence from the Right. The Tea Partiers even policed (cleaned up after themselves) after their rallies. - Elric

  4. Lets see, I am a Tea Party guy and therefore Racist. I am a weak supporter of Trump and offended by the Mexican Flags at the Riots. A double whammy - Racist White Supremacists. And a Man to boot. I am really in the Deep Doo Doo.

  5. The Progs got all wee-weed up over the imagined violence of Sarah Palin's "gun target" and the causal talk of "targeting" political opponents but they have no problem when they and their fellow travelers in the radical left commit REAL bloody violence against ordinary Trump supporters. Trump is not the candidate I'd once hope to be able to vote for in November, but I will vote for anyone who is NOT a Leftist, not a Social Democrat, not a Clinton, not a Socialist...if not in self-interest, then in spite. Whatever it takes to undo the destructive influences of fascist Obamaism will get me to the polls.

    1. No enemies to the right.

  6. Unlike everyone else, Trump has had a game plan for every stage of play up until now. And they've all worked like a dream.

    Why would anyone think that he doesn't have plans for the NeverTrump spoilers, Clinton, and, yes-indeed-you-better-believe-it, the Brownshirt Stalwarts. Oh, such SPECIAL plans, B.S.-ers, because, you know, you've challenged his ... ingenuity.

    BTW, Brownshirts, if you truly believe just 1 percent of the things you keep saying Trump is capable of, why are you still p*ssing him off? Are you too baked to notice the cameras keeping such detailed records?

  7. Well, it is the Atlantic, after all.

    Blaming the victim in a case like this is a concession the Lefties are on the wrong side and the only way they can salvage something is to blame the Trump supporters.

    I've been saying this election will be event-driven.

    Like the CO primary, this is another of those events. I've noticed some of the NeverTrumper Conservative sites have changed their tune. Last Thursday seems to have opened some eyes as to the real enemy.

    Expect to see more of this. you don't have to like Trump to vote for him.

    Especially when you realize the alternative.