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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trump Fauxcohantas

Boston radio talker and Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr spoke before a Trump rally in Bangor, Maine. Carr is the man who first called Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren "Fauxcohantas" because she lied about being Indian so she could get a job at Harvard, thus cheating a real Indian out of a $400,000-a-year job.

Montel Williams decided to score points with the rest of the media by calling Carr a racist for calling Warren out in Maine.

From Carr:
ABOARD TRUMP ONE — The candidate loosened his tie and offered me some advice.
“Whatever you do, don’t apologize,” he said. “You never hear me apologize, do you? That’s what killed Jimmy the Greek way back. Remember? He was doing okay ’til he said he was sorry.”
Not to worry, I wasn’t going to say I was sorry for mentioning the name of the fake Indian and then doing a few seconds of a war whoop. About an hour earlier, I had been at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, warming up a crowd of maybe 5,000 Trump supporters for Gov. Paul LePage before he introduced The Donald at a weekday rally.
I was speaking extemporaneously when I free-associated Fauxchohantas’ name, and suddenly a war whoop seemed appropriate for the occasion. Moments after I left the stage, one of Trump’s aides handed me his cellphone, with a fresh headline from Politico:
“Boston radio host at Trump event mocks Warren with war whoops.”
OK, that is what he did.

But Montel Williams distorted the story in two tweets, one in which he attacked Carr's manhood as well.

Carr's response: "In a Twitter war with Montel Williams? Is this what it means to be in the big time? Mr. Trump, when does your 757 plane land at LaGuardia?"


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  1. I rather doubt that Trump has those dumb motivational-saying placards up in his office ... that'd be like looking at your cards more than once before betting ... but if there's one theme that's running through this campaign, it's :

    "Be prepared to fight back, in case of an attack."

  2. Montel was recently seen talking to a bottle labelled "snake oil".

    "Hillary! I always said your blood was worth bottling, but you didn't have to actually go and do it!"

  3. I suspect Williams wanted to call Carr a "cracker" not a "crackhead," but doesn't know the difference. Williams should stick to shining shoes, handing out TP in a men's room, or sweeping floors in the local high school, and leave the social commentary to intelligent people.

  4. Williams is in the same boat as Ricki Lake.

  5. You can always tell when attacks hit home on liberals because they immediately start calling them racist.

  6. My wife and I have American Indian blood.
    I a bit more than her but we have been working
    proper rolls and Genealogical sources.
    Wife is a documented descendant of the real
    Pocahontas. Warren started this and Trump knows it is a sore point. Williams should
    get a life.BTW someone on another blog mentioned Russel Means definition of American Indian is "If you were born here,
    you are a Native American.-If you are of
    American Indian origin, then _that_ is the
    definition. Fauxahontas could settle that with a DNA test... TG McCoy

  7. I have a little inside info on Lizzie Warren...

    Intellectually, she is a complete lightweight. Punches about four levels below her class.

    She is also a very mean, vindictive person. It's no wonder she and Hill got along together so well.

    The only other person I considered as big an asshole as her was Chuck Grassley.

    I just laugh when people talk these days about "flawed candidates." YOU elected them, you pieces of with it. Donald is already changing the entire landscape...

  8. Montel: Sounds like the name for Jamaica Telephone Co.