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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

This is why we left Europe

More than 90% of Americans (including many African Americans) have at least some European blood running through their veins. There was a reason our forebears left that continent.

Europe stinks.


While Europe swelters in the summer heat, a century ago Willis Haviland Carrier of Angola, New York, developed modern air conditioning that runs on electricity.

Naturally, liberals hate this development, even though the nation's capital would be an inhabitable swamp each July and August without Carrier's invention. Liberals hate anything that is good for our country.

From the Washington Post:
The weather in Washington, D.C., and  Berlin, Germany, has been pretty similar recently. There is one striking difference between the two capitals, though: Whereas many Americans would probably never consider living or working in buildings without air conditioning, many Germans think that life without climate control is far superior.
The divide isn't limited to Berlin and D.C.: In fact, many Europeans visiting the U.S. frequently complain about the "freezing cold" temperatures inside buses or hotels. American tourists on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, however, have been left stunned by Europeans' ability to cope with heat, even at work spaces or in their private homes.
Overall, it's safe to say that Europe thinks America's love of air-conditioning is actually quite daft. Europeans have wondered about this particular U.S. addiction for a while now: Back in 1992, Cambridge University Prof. Gwyn Prins called America's love of air-conditioning the country's "most pervasive and least-noticed epidemic," according to the Economist. And according to the Environmental Protection Agency, it's getting worse: American demand for air-conditioning has only  increased over the past decades.
Why wouldn't demand grow?

If air conditioning is good enough for the offices of the Washington Post and the EPA, then why is it bad for the rest of us to purchase it? When the EPA shuts of its ACs, I may consider doing so myself. Till then, you will turn off my AC when you pry the control from my cold, dead fingahs!

I get that Europeans would sneer at our use of air conditioning. They also sneer at our use of soft toilet paper, and our use of doorknobs instead of latches.

Face it, Europe is a goofy continent. 

The Post admitted:
For sure, there are advantages of air-conditioned rooms even Europeans can't easily dismiss: Studies clearly show that cooling improves work efficiency during summers as well as sleep patterns, and even reduces mortality.
Ah yes, mortality. A heatwave in August 2003 killed 35,000 Europeans. Americans meanwhile live in deserts in states like Arizona and places like Las Vegas. We even run air-conditioners on the sidelines for football players in August, September and October. 

The point of the story is that if everyone AC-ed like the United States, we would double (or triple or quintuple) the use of electricity.

So what? 

West Virginia sits on a three hundred year supply of coal, and a bunch of natural gas. Chill, and let West Virginia power those bad boy ACs.


  1. Europe killed off a good portion of it's men during the Great War. What was left in the gene pool might not have been very impressive.

  2. The increasing availability of wind and solar photovoltaic energy means there's virtually no environmental penalty for having air-conditioning. So even a climate warmest can install an A/C system in his house or office and do it without feeling guilty.

    1. Not unless they know they have one or both of those, and it's sunny and windy.

    2. Also, for wind there's the killing of bats and birds, including eagles, otherwise protected.

  3. Hey, you know where they don't use so much a/c in the Western Hemisphere? Victoria, Vancouver, British Columbia, even Seattle and Portland in the US.

    See, for the geographically challenged, DC is on the Eastern side of a large land mass about the latitude of Spain. Whereas, Germany sits on the northern slope of a very large peninsula near the Arctic circle.

    Now Europe is warmed by the Gulf Stream, but that same warmth is hot and humid when that heat blows up across Alabama into the interior of the East Coast.

  4. London UK same latitude as Adak, Alaska USA

  5. By depriving ourselves of this convenience we prove our moral superiority to you. So there!

    - Europe

  6. The usual primitivists tried to make the case that everyone should live in Minnesota rather than Texas because of the energy savings from air conditioning. Of course, they ignored the amount of energy required for HEATING. In terms of total energy consumption, Texas is cheaper.

    1. Not true, Minnesota politachicks are full of hot air. So much that they are not allowed to speak out doors from October to March for fear that the snow melt will swamp the Mississippi and flood St Louis. Come 15 April though their services are in demand to dry fields otherwise under water.

  7. It's been said America in the un-Europe.

    "A heatwave in August 2003 killed 35,000 Europeans."

    And here's a little-spoken detail from that. Many of the deaths were old people whose children were off on their state-mandated six weeks' vacations. They were shocked to learn of their parents' deaths because, though they never checked up on them, they assumed the state authorities would.

    Another reason why we shouldn't ape the Euros.

  8. As anti-pollution efforts in Europe make the skies cleaner, there are more hours and days of sunlight during the summer, which makes European cities much hotter heat islands than ever before...unexpectedly! It's the cleaner air that's killing people. It's a fact the cities would be cooler if the skies were cloudier and dirtier.

  9. I like the idea of no air con in govt buildings.

    1. But think of the Dump's hair if there is no A/C in the White House. Oh the humanity!!

  10. Actually, I believe DC would be much better if we removed all the A/C. Any time congress is discouraged from being in session and bureaucrats are taking vacation or are inefficient is preferable.

    1. I totally agree. With modern communications our Congress critters could sit at home and read bills and submit amendments. Then they could meet for a few weeks each year to actually vote. - Elric