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Thursday, June 09, 2016

The Rosie who endorsed Trump

Roseanne Barr, comedian, macadamia nut grower, and 2012 presidential candidate on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket, is the latest celebrity to come out of the closet for Donald Trump.

She is promoting a documentary on her 2012 run.

From the Hollywood Reporter:
QUESTION: You’ve said that Americans can have whatever we want politically — I'm paraphrasing — if we just participate in the process. And it’s true that new groups are participating more in the process, sometimes violently. 
BARR: I think we would be so lucky if Trump won. Because then it wouldn't be Hillary.
QUESTION: What's your take on Hillary? What do you think is wrong with her?
BARR: You don't know?! Well, she hangs out with [President] Bush. Do you need more than that? She's friends with everybody that gives her any goddamned money. The fact is, you don't get to be the nominee without taking a lot of dirty money. You might be the best f—in' person on earth, but if you're hanging out with criminals who do bad things, that matters a lot. That's why I ran, because no, I don't hang out with criminals and I don't take their money and I’m not paid to help sell nuclear weapons. I like Trump because he financed his own [campaign]. That's the only way he could've gotten that nomination. Because nobody wants a president who isn't from Yale and Harvard and in the club. 'Cause it’s all about distribution. When you're in the club, you’ve got people that you sell to. That's how money changes hands, that's how business works. If you've got friends there, they scratch your back and blah, blah … But Americans don't even know that much, even though they say they do. They say they believe that people should take money out of politics and then, you know, they send their paycheck to Bernie and off he goes to hang out with the pope on a private jet on that money. The f—in' Pope, are you shittin' me?! And nobody just gives you money, they're not like, 'Here's three million, you look good, your hair is nice.' No. It's like, 'Hey, I'm giving you this money so you can pimp my products when it comes time.'
OK, Barr is nuttier than her macadamians, but she hit on two reasons many sane people back Trump:
1. He is not Hillary.
2. He is not on the take.
Oh and she likes his take on immigration: "To me, he's saying that the order of law matters. When a president can just pass laws all on his own, that is a little bit different than what America was supposed to be about. And Trump is saying people will have to be vetted, we'll have to have legal immigration. It's all a scam. I mean, illegal immigration. When people come here and they get a lot of benefits that our own veterans don't get. What's up with that?"

She may be flakier than a bakery, but she sees what the experts don't: competence, patriotism, and integrity.

Barr votes. She shows there are more than a few fed up people who want a candidate who stands up for them.

Never forget: Trump is a third-party candidate as well as the Republican nominee.

The whole interview is here.

Coming soon -- "Trump the Press: Don Surber's take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race."


  1. Roseanne's take about Trump may just be the reason he will do better than the Pundits say he will. There are a lot(millions)
    of mad voters out there.
    I hope Hillary stays until the
    election, gets Trumped into the
    dirt, then gets indicted..

    1. Oh what a beautiful morning that would be.

  2. I had to do a double-take on that one. Then I realized - no, that's not Rosie O'Donnell, it's the other Rosie (and definitely not Rosey Grier). - Elric

  3. To say I'm stunned would be the mildest of understatement.

  4. Roseanne Barr *heartily* endorses Trump? This equates to <32 Fahrenheit temperatures in the bowels of hell. Never count out crooked hillary, as the democrats are masters at stealing votes and elections, but this may portend a landslide.

  5. Rosie has a tinge of sanity; color me amazed.