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Monday, June 06, 2016

The original Never Trumper joins Trump's Super PAC

Throughout last autumn, former Romney staffer Alex Castellanos tried to start a Stop Trump effort. He had no takers.

Now he has joined a Super PAC that backs Trump.

Castellanos was among the many people who wrote Trump off last summer.

From Breitbart last August:
Purple Strategies Chairman and Founding Partner and Republican strategist Alex Castellanos criticized GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s immigration plan and said that after Trump loses in the primary “there will be a cleansing that’ll go on” in the GOP on August 15’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360.”
Castellanos said, “let me just say, wow, even Republicans wouldn’t say that Barack Obama has been arrogant enough to rewrite the Constitution that way [to end birthright citizenship]. But, in a general election — look, right now, this hurts the Republican Party. If you think the Republican Party hasn’t alienated enough Hispanics, enough women, enough young voters, why, Donald Trump’s immigration plan is going to be great for you. You’re going to love that. In a general election though, Trump is not going to be the nominee. When he leaves, he’ll be defeated by an anti-Trump. So, there will be a cleansing that’ll go on, in the — once he is knocked out of primaries. And I think you will see a new, and better, and more optimistic, solution-oriented Republican Party going into the general election.”
But a few months later, Castellanos tried to launch a Stop Trump effort, throwing in the towel in January:
Veteran Republican consultant Alex Castellanos tells Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd he has been unable to convince major Republican donors to fund an anti-Trump campaign ad blitz.
Castellanos said there were several factors but the possibility of Cruz being elevated by Trump's demise was something the establishment did not want to risk.
"No takers," Castellanos said about his anti-Trump campaign. "It's too confusing this year for the establishment. It's getting late in the game. If you disqualify Trump, you could help Ted Cruz. "The establishment doesn't want that. If you disqualify Cruz, you could help Trump. So a lot of the establishment is just sitting on the sidelines and I think the moment to go after either has passed."
The New York Times reported today he joined the Trump side:
“I’m worried that we don’t have four or eight more years to wait to change direction,” Mr. Castellanos said, explaining his decision to join the group. “This is not about whether the Republican wins or loses the White House. This is about whether we can afford to go in the same direction, and because I’m concerned if we go too much farther we won’t be able to turn back.”
Never say never, right?


  1. There were a lot of zeros on that check...

    -Mikey NTH

  2. You are beginning to see the realization set in.

    Even just 4 years of Hillary, Bernie, Joe, or Fauxcahontas would be disastrous. I've seen a couple of the hardcore Cruz or anti-trump blogs saying the same thing.

    Good it's coming together now.

    PS As always, the dullards in DC will be the last to get it.

  3. The gangplank's being hauled in, these are the inevitable late-arrivals clinging by tooth and nail to it, or leaping the ever increasing gap between ship and wharf.

  4. The next train to Union Station after this one is in 2020. Would you like to buy a ticket?

  5. Four years (probably eight) is a long time to sell real estate as a second career. They are realizing Trump is the only game in town with a chance to win.

    1. Plus, Bob, I suspect any Washington think tank that depends on donations or subscription fees from Conservative voters is finding it tougher to raise money these days. And if the DC elites think money is drying up now, wait until 2017 when, win or lose, many Conservative long-time Republican voters are going to close their wallets or purses to anyone who doesn't support something like, if not exactly like, Trump's agenda (that is, if you can figure out what his agenda is from the contradictory statements he keeps making and then walking back).

    2. Mine, though quite small, has been closed since last year.

  6. There are several "prominent" bloggers that are still and I imagine will remain very anti-Trump. They have their "principles" you know. Guess they don't see Hillary as all that bad.

  7. NeverTrump or 4Hillary that is the question!

  8. "This is not about whether a Republican wins the White House."

    We know. It's about the establishment and its sycophants maintaining their iron grip on the reins of power.

  9. Just shows the professional staffer class has no principles.

  10. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. staffers gotta eat. - Elric