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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Man who broke the economy doesn't like Trump

The Washington Post blasted Trump on Saturday with a piece by Hank Paulson.

The attack failed because Paulson is the former Goldman Sachs CEO who was Bush 43's last Treasury secretary -- the man refused to save Lehman Brothers, and then panicked with the $700 billion TARP, which saved Goldman Sachs and others. Paulson wrecked the economy in the process.

From Paulson:
I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if a divisive character such as Trump were president during the 2008 financial crisis, at a time when leadership, compromise and careful analysis were critical. The only reason we avoided another Great Depression was because Republicans and Democrats joined together to vote for the Troubled Asset Relief Program — a vote that they knew would be politically unpopular but in the best interest of our country. Critical to that effort was the leadership of President George W. Bush. As I led Treasury’s efforts to fashion a difficult, imperfect, controversial but essential solution with bipartisan support, I was — and still am — grateful to have had President Bush at the helm.
Today’s challenges include economic stagnation and disruptions in the labor markets — driven to a large extent by technological advances moving at warp speed — that are widening income disparity, destroying jobs and hollowing out the middle class. And populists on each side are playing to fears and frustrations, pointing fingers at scapegoats and creating boogeymen: blaming the banks, greedy companies or foreigners for our problems. But the politics of grievance is not the answer.
Paulson represents crony capitalism at its worst.

He rid himself of a competitor (Lehman Brothers) helped himself to a bailout (Goldman Sachs) and created the worst economic downturn in 76 years. He should be in prison. Instead he has a tax-exempt foundation.

Paulson's plan for America is hilariously hypocritical, beginning with "First, we need to maintain the United States’ fiscal strength by reforming entitlements. There’s no example of a nation continuing as a great power if its fiscal strength is lost."

This is a man who entitled his company to billions of welfare and added $700 billion to the national debt in one afternoon.

Paulson said he will vote for Hillary.

Why not?

Goldman Sachs owns her.

Not Trump. Why do you think they call it Never Trump? He cannot be bought.

The Republican Party is better off without crooks like Paulson in its fold.

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  1. If there were any justice in the USSA, Paulson would have been sharing a cell block with Bernie Madoff, who was positively benign compared to Paulson.

  2. Hey, kids! Buy your tickets NOW for the EIGHTH Annual Tour of The Summer Of Recovery! Log in at or call 1-800-IMAFOOL! Operators are standing by!

    Longest damned recession evah!

  3. Paulson is too ignorant to be handing out financial advice to anyone old enough to run a sidewalk lemonade stand. He does not understand what caused FDR's Great Depression (hint: FDR himself), and he clearly has insufficient brain activity to appreciate the major hurt Obama continues to inflict upon out-of-work Americans.

  4. The more I think about it, the more Trump's campaign seems like the first Die Hard movie.

    You got the huge number of Euro-trash style, America-hating lefties arrayed against him from the start.

    You got the officialdom that just don't want to respond to the wake-up calls.

    You got the counter-productive MAJOR assholes in the media.

    You got the average Joes actually doing something useful and helping out.

    Swap the Beethoven's Ninth of the movie in question for the drumbeat "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again" of the third in the series, and arrange for Trump to throw the Clintons off the top of a skyscraper once he wins the Presidency, and if it weren't maybe a bit sissy for a man to cry, I'd be tearing up here.

  5. What's the difference between Hank Paulsen and Pat Paulsen?
    You have to laugh at both, but in one case because he knew what he was doing and was good at it, and in the other because he didn't and wasn't.

  6. True story...Doug Shulman (I called him Dougie Fresh) shows up at one of my former boss's going away party at a country club in Bethesda. He was drunk off his ass. He was my former Big Boss also and had just been nominated Commisioner of the IRS by Dubya. I caught him on the hallway, congratulated him, and asked if he'd met the President. "Ah, fuck Bush," he said. "Hank Paulson's my guy." And then proceeded to tell me how he got a sudden, inexplicably random nosebleed in his shower after a call from Paulson. Well, we know what happened at the IRS under Shulman's watch. He got out while the gettin was good...

    Turds of a feather, sink together. Hank Paulson is going to burn in you know where. There's NO DOUBT about that...