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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Loser of the day

UPDATE: From the lyrics of "One Tin Soldier"

Go ahead and hate your neighbor
Go ahead and cheat a friend
Do it in the name of heaven
You can justify it in the end
There won't be any trumpets blowing
Come the judgment day
On the bloody morning after
One tin soldier rides away


  1. French is an idiot. Delegates are citizens of the states they represent and, therefore, subject to prosecution for ANY laws they violate.

  2. If the GOP Establishment pulls a fast one at the convention and literally steals the nomination from Trump by finagling the rules, it will guarantee a loss come November even if they were to run the second coming of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln as the party's nominee.

    1. So, basically you're saying America loses either way?

    2. As a businessman, Trump has been shrewd enough not to destroy his brand, Trump Inc. As president, he'd be all business and I think both smart enough and deliberate enough as America's CEO not to destroy the company/country he leads, America Inc.

  3. I see Samson pulling the temple down on himself if the GOPe really does want to kill the party. (Samson = Trump supporters) As if we don't distrust them enough now.

  4. Well said, Mr. Surber! I barely noticed French at NR but the more I know him, the less I like him.

    We're NOT electing an absolute ruler for life. We're electing a President to a 4-year term, subject to all the Constitutional checks-and-balances written into our tripartite government.

    We've survived 15 years of bad and awful leadership and somehow the Republic has survived. Frankly the bar is set pretty low for Trump. It's hard to see how he could be any worse.

  5. The character of the right was going to change eventually with or without Trump. He catalyzed the reaction that was going to happen anyway, and was in process as people were already beginning to slowly come to the conclusion that our "leadership" had a different agenda than we did. Even some of those who have not yet embraced Trump and these changes were criticizing the failure theater that was becoming harder and harder for those we elected to great majorities, not only nationally, but locally. Going along with the left killing off not only killing off our movements with the aid of their rapidly expanding police state (which our own people were helping to build), but actually killing us off by sending our best to die in worthless foreign wars and with policies that sent the weakest of us into a state of despair prompting suicide by our own hand with drugs and alcohol. It is the white working class that is dying of overdose and HIV where I live. These people are dying, in part because our people have been playing patty cake with the left by the left's rules and letting them change the rules whenever it suits them. Rather than take on the left, people like French have preferred to police those to their right. It's easier, and leaves them in control and in the money.

  6. Tar bubbling: check.
    Feathers bagged up: check.
    Pitchfork sharpened: check.

    Times 13 million righteously angry voters=

    GOP Gotterdammerung.

    - Elric

  7. Maybe if the GOP powers-that-be would've spent more time working against Obama in '08 and '12, we wouldn't be in such a mess.

  8. When Trump wins the general election French and the other Jacobin Conservaties at NRO, Weakly Standard and talk radio will be trying to game the Electoral College to throw the selection into the House of Representatives.

  9. Maybe if the GOPe and NR had actually given us real conservative candidates instead of crap sandwiches like McRINO ("reach across the aisle" and screw conservatives) or Mittens Romneycare (the only Republican who couldn't run against Obummercare) we wouldn't be so fed up with them. The people have spoken. STFU and support the candidate selected by the people.

  10. Trump is a jerk. We'll have to pray the man is able to rise to the occassion after election. He'll win because of a people revolution against the rotten political establishment. People have no choice as he is the only choice they have.