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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Laugh of the day: "Hillary to attack Trump on foreign policy"

If-if-if-if-if-if you thought Obama reduced to stuttering to come up with something bad to say about Donald Trump on Wednesday was hilarious, wait till you read about Crooked Clinton's super-duper secret weapon to nuke him.

Foreign policy!

The bungler of Benghazi's staff of 700 credential political experts decided foreign policy was Trump's Achilles heel.

Pivotal moment: Hillary to attack Trump on foreign policy
Looking past rival Bernie Sanders to the general election, Democratic White House hopeful Hillary Clinton on Thursday will denounce GOP nominee Donald Trump’s foreign policy ideas and bluntly declare him “simply unfit” to lead the country in a dangerous world.
The former secretary of state will “lay out in stark terms” how the reality TV star is “fundamentally unqualified to be commander in chief” senior Clinton foreign policy aide Jake Sullivan told Yahoo News by telephone.
“She will call Donald Trump out by name” and offer “a systematic and comprehensive critique of the alarming and bankrupt foreign policy ideas that Donald Trump has put forward,” Sullivan said. “She will not be pulling any punches.”
Clinton will not, however, make a point-by-point defense of her handling of world affairs as secretary of state, or present specific policy ideas, Sullivan said.
That's the plan?

The woman who assured us in 2002 that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction because he had them when her husband was president...

...the woman who voted for the war before she voted against it...

...the woman who signed off on abandoning Iraq....

is now going to attack Trump for his foreign policy inexperience? That is a plus!

There is a reason Hillary cannot "make a point-by-point defense of her handling of world affairs as secretary of state."

She failed.

From Jennifer Rubin, Crooked Clinton's Top Ten Foreign Policy mistakes:
1. She insisted we side with Hugo Chavez’s stooge in Honduras, creating a rift in our relationship and putting us at odds with the democratic forces in that country, including the church and middle class. She was forced to retreat.
2. She touted a Russian “reset.” It was such a colossal failure that it did not survive her successor’s first week in office. Russia’s human rights violations have multiplied.
3.  She couldn’t manage to figure a way to reach agreement with Iraq on a status-of-forces deal. Iraq, mainstream media now tell us, is awash with sectarian violence. Secretary of State John Kerry had to plead with its prime minister to stop allowing Iranian support for the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad.
4. Speaking of which, Clinton assured us for months that Assad was a “reformer.” She dragged her feet and then was rebuffed three times by the un-reset Russians at the United Nations. She delayed in reaching out to the Syrian rebels and in providing aid. She left a human catastrophe of 70,000 dead Syrians and millions of refugees streaming into Syria’s neighbors.
5.  Also among the dead in the Middle East, of course, was Ambassador Chris Stevens, whose pleas for more security, Clinton says, never reached her desk. And whose responsibility was it to set up a system in which critical cables reached her desk? She also missed the warning signs of revived al-Qaeda activity in North Africa. And then there is her classic “What difference does it make?!” wail. Well, for one thing, it makes a difference in evaluating how competent and honest she was.
You may read the rest here.

The only American who could do a worse job than her as secretary of State is John Kerry.


  1. Ready....Aim....Fire at will at own feet! Get larger caliber and Aim Higher!

  2. She was almost as good as LBJ and Carter with foreign policy.

  3. And now Rubin chooses to criticize Trump because he's not so hot on perpetual war in the Levant. Gee. I wonder why.

  4. Hillary is perhaps the most incompetent foreign policy bungler EVER in the federal government. She does not know her rear from a hole in the ground and she surrounded herself with fellow mouth-breathing idiots--Susan Rice, Cheryl Mills, Samantha Power. None of these people have ever held a real job, and they could not run a lemonade stand. These morons are the reason US foreign policy has absolutely gone south. Trump will crush her on the foreign policy conversation.

  5. Next up, Hillary lectures Trump on ethics.

  6. Remember Max Headroom?

    The stutter, the maniacal laugh ... it goes against the uni-directional flow of time, but was he being possessed by an Obama/Hillary combo from the future?

    1. As I recall the show, he was against their kind.

  7. Max's stutter was obviously (to me) a computer glitch.


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  9. Sounds like a good plan to me. (For The Donald - HA HA HA HA HA HA!) - Elric