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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tweet of the day


  1. I agree. Reagan pretty much let his political enemies walk all over him.

  2. How about... "This is the kind of fighting spirit we've waited decades for. Decades." I myself have zero consternation and like Trump's off-the-cuff, honest, and combative style. "Playing nice" vs these maoist thugs gets you McLame, Mittens, and Jeb.

    1. Farm Boy, you're bringin it like Dustin Johnson! We're done with the polite talk at The Palm in DC. Bring on the brawl. I guarantee you these pussy assed Libs will retreat to their $3k a month condos once they see the breadth of Trump support. We got this. We SO got this.

  3. I know where I'd like to see those stakes planted.

  4. The Hillary in the Star Trek mirror universe must be a frickin' saint.

  5. Yeah, his speech was pretty strong stuff. I really liked that he quoted H's campaign of "I'm with her" and his is basically "I'm for you". Hitting her on the money trail is so very good too.

  6. Z-reg, Oh yes, we got this! hillary has got an ice pack on that shiner that Trump laid on her yesterday and the DNC wusses are wondering what to do next. She says Trump makes 'personal attacks' on her. Well, DUH! Hey Cankles, you make perhaps the biggest fattest target that ever has come down the pike! 40 years of lying, grifting, stealing, selling out, and BSing your way through politics as a mediocrity and total 'glommer.' And enough of the republicans sending their candidate out for a nice game of croquet in his checked pants, and then having the democrats steal his lunch money, give him a wedgie, and stick the election in their back pocket. Sort of like Charlie Brown and Lucy, oh we promise this time we'll play fair! The media isn't biased, trust us! Trump has been watching this a long time, and since he jumped into the race he has systematically demolished most of the old loser bush-rove-romney, last-place finisher and loser RINO establishment. What he has done the past year has been PHENOMENAL! (got that, AP and CBS and NBC??? P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L). Maybe Don uses that word in his book. Oh, of course it's been beautiful, too, believe me!