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Saturday, June 11, 2016

How can a decent person oppose Trump?

Megan McArdle of Bloomberg deigned to write, "Five Reasons Decent People May Want to Back Trump," a mean-girl putdown that implies Trump supporters are indecent.

Turnabout is fair play.

Now before I go further, let me stress that I do not care what the Never Trump crowd does. They are vain elitists who are more contrarian liberals than conservatives.

But on to McArdle. Her first four reasons "decent people" should join us slobs in supporting Trump: Republican politicians would like to get re-elected, the Supreme Court, Clinton’s e-mails, and immigration.

The first three are lame: It is not my job to re-elect anyone; the Bushes appointed Souter and Roberts; and Clinton's e-mails will draw an indictment this year or not. As for immigration, she's right. Protecting us from invasion is a primary function of the national government.

But her fifth reason was filled with pity for we indecent Trump supporters:
Elites need a rebuke. For all my criticisms of Trump and his supporters -- and they have been many -- I find myself quite sympathetic with the folks who are angry at the establishment. Elites are smug. They are obnoxiously condescending. They have colluded to keep legitimate issues off the table.
This sort of elite collusion can certainly work, but if it becomes too disconnected from the electorate, a political reaction is inevitable. We are in the middle of that reaction. And I have to say that if I were out there in flyover country, I’d probably be pretty mad too.
(Yes, I get that McArdle is an elite. That does not make her a bad person.)

Now for the reasons no decent person would oppose Trump. I promise not to snark.

1. Trump actually did something in his life besides worm (yes, worm) his way up the political ladder. Private sector success does not translate into public sector success. Look at Jimmy Carter, the peanut farmer who was a failed governor before he was a failed president. But given the public good of Trump's projects -- helping rebuild Manhattan in the 1980s was a huge gamble -- I think he will do all right.

2. Trump actually likes the people he will serve. In researching my book, time and again I encountered many ordinary people he helped out. Compare to such snoots as Gore, Kerry, Obama, and the second Clinton.

3. Trump does not need the job. He has fame. He has fortune. He has a hot wife. What the hell else could he want.

4. Hillary Clinton is a grifter who sold state secrets through her Clinton Foundation. In 40 years in the public eye, she has never told the truth. Not voting for Trump makes it easier for her to become the most crooked and corrupt president in history. Decent people will vote for Trump to stop her, even if they believe they have to hold their nose to do so.

However, if the Never Trumpers do not want to vote for Trump, it is none of my business. Trump will win without them.

I just wish they would stop acting self-righteous about being wrong.

Coming soon -- "Trump the Press: Don Surber's take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race."


  1. I too McArdle's piece as surrender. She seems in the process of acceptance. Of course, she could still be in the bargaining phase.

  2. "mean-girl putdown that implies Trump supporters are indecent"

    At least she didn't just come right out and say, as Mitt Romney just did, that Trump's supporters are racists. As for Mitt, he can get stuffed. I'll bet him half his fortune that I live in a more ethnically diverse place and have a more ethnically diverse group of friends and neighbors than he does.

    1. More diverse I'm quite sure. And I'm guessing you (like I) don't live in a 'compound' protected by a gate.
      I held my nose and voted for Romney last time. I'm really steamed at the jerk he's proven himself to be. It's like the dems were right about him and his Romney ways. What a jerk.

  3. "Decent lpeople" is another one of the mind games Lefties love to play, intended less to snow the Conservatives than to make themselves and their friends feel good.

    40 years ago the phrase was, "right-thinking people".

    Get it?

    1. They know they are smart because they went to the right schools and only talk to each other. Reality is gonna hit them upside the head--right, left, front, and back.

  4. 1. Hillary has done nothing in her life other than worm her way up the political ladder, mostly by being the wife and enabler of one of the most evil men ever to hold the office of president, a serial rapist and abuser of women.

    2. She is incompetent. While occupying the office of Secretary of State, she was responsible for the destabilization of Libya, the deaths of the ambassador and his defenders at Benghazi, the attempted destabilization of Egypt and the ongoing nightmares that are ISIS and Syria.

    3. Hillary despises the people she claims to serve. Just read the testimony of the secret service agents whom she treated with contempt.

    4. Hillary absolutely needs the job to satisfy her outsized ego. Hillary is a profoundly mediocre person, but her arrogance and her overweening ambition drive her on.

    5. Hillary absolutely needs the job to keep her end of the various corrupt bargains she has made via the Clinton Foundation. What happens to her and her husband if she is not elected?

    6. Hillary absolutely needs the job to stay out of prison. With an honest president and an uncorrupted Department of Justice, she would already be in prison over the emails.

    How can any decent person vote for anyone other than Trump if only to prevent this creature from becoming president?

    Steve in Greensboro

  5. How can a decent person oppose Trump?
    We have a choice now between a letwing, bullying, belligerent, vindictive, serial liar, and Hillary Clinton
    Because Trump is still Hillary with a different border policy and has done absolutely nothing to convince decent people he has changed from the man who has donated so much to leftoids like McAuliffe (just last election), Obama, and Hillary. He is Barak Obama without the experience.
    Congratulation Don, you and those like you threw support behind a candidate who just before deciding to run for the Republican nomination stood for everything you say you stand against, and all his solutions boil down to "I'm gonna do stuff and it will be better because I did it." and about all he has not said is he has a pen and a phone.
    Right now it is a toss-up as to what will be worse. A Trump win, or a Trump loss.
    I was against the current vindictive leftwing narcissist and thanks to those who will not see, we get two to chose between this November. Can we somehow delay all SCOTUS nominations until whomever wins is out of office?
    Sorry to say this Don, but you really disappointed me on this.
    Now, when all his attempts fail for being the big gov't boondogles they are going to be, it will all be blamed on conservatism, and proof we need someone left of Sanders next election. But hey, you sold out your principles to back a winner. Congrats.

    1. I guess your "principles" now require you to sit on your hands or vote for the smelly old lesbian this Fall. Good luck with your "principles".

  6. Trump's success has nothing to do with why I like him. I would vote for anyone who says the things he does over what we've had, no matter his vocation.