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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Fore Trump

Trump likes golf almost as much as he likes publicity. On Saturday he combined both. The New York Times had a delightful story about it.

From the New York Times:
Donald Trump, Over 18 Holes in Scotland, Plays 20 Questions
BALMEDIE, Scotland — On the 10th hole of his golf resort here, Donald J. Trump — asked if defeating Hillary Clinton in November was more of “a par-3 or a par-5” — said it would “be very easy.” And on the 18th, when asked if he had more or fewer candidates on his vice-presidential short list than the par of the hole (a five), Mr. Trump allowed, “I’m getting calls from a lot of people, and they want it.”
Such was Mr. Trump’s whirlwind afternoon at Trump International Golf Links here: He touched down on Saturday in his helicopter and, a day after Britain’s vote to leave the European Union threw global markets into chaos, led the international news media on a mad scramble through the dunes of his windswept golf course.
Mr. Trump was finishing a two-day publicity tour of his Scotland golf resorts — on Friday, he visited Trump Turnberry — but between ribbon cuttings and family photos, news of Britain’s referendum kept intruding.
Asked what he would tell voters back home who are worried about losing their retirement savings, Mr. Trump dismissed the question. “Americans are very much different,” he said. “This shouldn’t even affect them. I mean frankly, if it’s done properly, if we had proper leadership.”
It was a delightful story that ended:
On the 18th hole, Mr. Trump had one final surprise to share. Do you know who I’m having dinner with tonight, he asked a reporter, before mouthing the name of his dining companion in two voluptuous syllables: “Ru-Pert,” he whispered, referring to Rupert Murdoch, the Australian media mogul who oversees News Corporation.
Moments later, as promised, Mr. Murdoch materialized with his wife, Jerry Hall. Mr. Trump hopped behind the wheel of a golf cart, and Ms. Hall climbed in beside him.
Then, with Mr. Murdoch, clad in sunglasses, hanging off the back, the trio set out for yet another tour of, as Mr. Trump put it, “one of the great sights of the world.”
Politics should be fun once in a while.

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  1. Next to Trump's red-hot pizzazz, Hillary is cold pizza.

  2. I wonder if Mr. Murdoch's entrée was crow. - Elric