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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Democrats, the party of welfare fraud

Earlier this year, Democratic state representative Ceci Velasquez of Arizona voted against a bill that would crack down on welfare fraud. This week she was indicted on three counts related to food stamp fraud.


From the Phoenix New Times:
This is the second time the former paralegal and mother of five children has been in legal trouble in her short political career. As Channel 12 News reported after the election, the Florence Municipal Court had an active warrant for her arrest at the time for failing to pay fines for driving with a suspended license and without insurance. Court records show she's a driving scofflaw, with numerous infractions going back to the 1990s.
Velasquez did not respond to a request for comment after the indictment was revealed on Wednesday. But she did publish a denial via her Twitter account: "I have done nothing wrong! This is a political witch hunt. I'm confident that justice WILL prevail once all the facts are known!"
But wait. There's more:
The charges revolve around Velasquez allegedly providing false information on her SNAP eligibility paperwork, on which she claimed to have two dependents living with her who really weren't, a source familiar with the case told New Times. The investigation showed Velasquez wasn't living at her declared residence in Litchfield Park but rather in another Phoenix suburb further south, the town of Laveen.
If true, the revelation could mean trouble for Velasquez even if she's not convicted of a felony, because Velasquez must live in her district, and Laveen is miles from District 29.
Velasquez also allowed her electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card to be used improperly by another person, said the source, who requested anonymity.
She was a rising star in the Democratic Party in a red state because she is a woman and Hispanic. Republicans engage in the same affirmative action. Witness Governor Susana Martinez in the neighboring blue state of New Mexico.

Velasquez's indictment shows women are the equal of men and minorities are the equal of whites when it comes to being crooked politicians.


  1. Dimocrats, the party of fraud. FIFY.

  2. She was brought up on state charges. Since the fraud involves federal welfare funds, will federal charges follow?

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    1. So did I! Big D is a cool dude for being as old as he is...which is, about the same age as me...hahaha!

  4. Sounds serious, like $1,726 worth of Food Stamps and the state had to assemble a Grand Jury for that YUUGE sum? Arizona must have money to burn or else it happened because AZ AG Mark Brnovich is a Deadhead.

    1. Before she was elected, she was an AZ state government employee for more than a decade in social services. Maybe that's where she learned how to scam the welfare program. Added to the welfare fraud of which she is accused, she may also have committed perjury when she lied on her candidate filings with the state. Very wisely, she has now decided not to run for re-election.

  5. SJWs always lie.

  6. Nothing like that would ever happen here in West Virginia. - Elric

  7. "Republicans engage in the same affirmative action. Witness Governor Susana Martinez in the neighboring blue state of New Mexico."

    Huh? Affirmative action leads to reduced standards of competence. So you have accused Susana Martinez of incompetence. This is an awfully broad brush stroke. Please be specific or retract.