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Monday, June 27, 2016

Democrats embarrass themselves by trusting Al Jazeera

Trump supporter Michael Levin got a text from a friend last week: "Hey, I just saw you in the new Warren video attacking Trump."

"And I thought, ‘You've got to be kidding me.' I watched the video, and to my shock and surprise, there I was,” Levin told Fox and Friends.

From Fox News:
When Levin voted in the Massachusetts primary on March 1, he even brought along his bicycle-riding daughter.
“The little girl you saw in that video actually came with me to the polls with her siblings to watch me vote for him,” Levin said.
So how did Massachusetts' Warren and MoveOn get it wrong? Levin said they simply never asked him. The clip, he said, originated from an Al Jazeera special several years ago about the American family which he agreed to be part of. The Al Jazeera logo is still visible in the lower left corner of the MoveOn video.
Al Jazeera.

Let that sink in.

Of all the networks and outlets in the world, that was the one

Well, the oil sheikhs behind Al Jazeera did pay $70 million to Al Gore to buy his news network three years ago. And when she was secretary of State, Hillary praised Al Jazeera as "real news," unlike Fox News, right?


  1. Well, Islam is The Religion of Peace.

  2. To be embarrassed, you have to have a sense of shame. The Democrats have none.

    1. Their echo-chamber padded-cell minds do not permit of critical thinking and analysis.

      All they manage is the "We're Great, And You Suck!" of Weird Al's "Sports Song".

  3. NPR sucks. What a bunch of liberal crybaby pussies. They get rich off our tax dollars. I hope the Trump administration zero funds them.

  4. Sounds like a defamation lawsuit is in order.