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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cavs set NBA record for TV audiences

I did not blog about the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA championship. I was all set to. People know I grew up in Cleveland, moving to West Virginia at age 27. But surprisingly, I felt such a calmness and joy that I did not see a reason to blog my feelings.

But I knew the Cavs would go all the way with LBJ this time. In the three previous times LeBron James led the team to the finals, I knew they were as doomed as the Browns in those last minute AFC losses -- the interception, the drive, the fumble -- and the 1995 and 1997 Indians in the World Series.

This time my premonition ran the other way. Down 3-1 -- a deficit 32 teams prior had failed to overcome -- I was sure they would win. True the Warriors had the best regular-season record ever. And true, they beat the Cavs last year in the finals. But come on. LBJ is twice the size of Stephen Curry. (Is that a mouth protector or pacifier?)

With the team down 49-42 at halftime in Game Seven, I turned to my son and said, they'll do it in the second half. The defense was solid that night, and defense wins championships.

When they won. I felt nirvana. All those previous times evaporated.  This was a great feeling.

It's a terrific story. The prodigal son comes to slay the dragon of futility, A 52-year curse is lifted.

And America and the world loved the story:
The NBA announced Tuesday that the epic seven-game series was America's most watched NBA championship final since 1998, when Michael Jordan won the last of his six career crowns, as well as the most-viewed NBA game ever on digital platforms in China.
US telecaster ABC averaged 20.215 million viewers a game, its best-ever figures, with the thrilling seventh-game trophy showdown luring an average of 31.018 million viewers, peaking at 44.807 million viewers to become the third-most-watched NBA game on record.
In China, an NBA Finals-record 65.9 million total viewers watched the series live on Tencent's digital assets, with game seven's 15.3 million viewers a record for any NBA game in China on digital platforms.
As for the Tribe, the pitching is there. If Terry Francona -- whom I adore -- can get some offense, the team has a chance to break the hearts of Cubs fans everywhere.


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  2. I haven't watched an NBA game since shortly after all the brawls and the admission of game fixing by the ref (always suspected it, too much has to be left to the discretion of the refs--I had a conversation with a ref recently and he told me that they have internal coverage rules which explain why a ref can miss a call that happens right in front of him, knowing that doesn't help in the least. Do you think I'd be excused from missing an obvious diagnosis right under my nose? Million dollar settlement. Millions are at stake in these games, too. Every possible way to remove subjectivity should be taken)several years back. Don't miss it in the least. Same with college ball.

  3. Curry is the best pure outside shooter in the NBA, James is the best player. It is only fitting that the team with the best player beat the team that thinks BB is all about shooting from beyond the arc. Although I seldom watch any professional sports teams anymore, I watched part of this game. All I cans ay is there's a whole lot of flopping and acting going on in the NBA, as players try to draw foul calls from the referees. There was so much play acting, I thought it was a Broadway show being put on by the NBA.