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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Bu-bu-but bathrooms

Entertainers are boycotting North Carolina because of its plans to keep drag queens out of the girls john. Of course, many of these entertainers continue to play Middle East hellholes where they behead gays. Solidarity doesn't pay the bills. Also a few businesses, too, are talking about not doing business in North Carolina.

But Wells Fargo put shareholders ahead of SJW preening and decided to move some jobs to Charlotte.

From the San Francisco Business Times:
Wells Fargo had some bad news for the Bay Area Tuesday when the bank said it was cutting 55 jobs in Oakland, transferring the work to Charlotte, N.C.
While the number of jobs is small, the cuts underscore the Bay Area's difficulty in competing for jobs that can be done cheaper elsewhere.
"While still committed to serving the area, the company has decided to move some functions within its commercial mortgage servicing (CMS) business that were being performed in dual locations in Oakland and Charlotte, and consolidate them within its Charlotte CMS office," said Wells Fargo spokesman Ruben Pulido.
San Francisco-based Wells Fargo's largest concentration of employees is in the Charlotte metro area, where it has about 23,500 workers. It has about 17,000 workers in the Bay Area, including 8,000 in San Francisco. Companywide, the bank has about 269,000 employees.
I like to invest in businesses that have CEOs running the shop instead of SJWs.


  1. Where the SJWs in some companies demand everyone to conform to their way of thinking, other companies see opportunities. I expect more companies will abandon SJW and illegal alien sanctuary areas, especially in high-taxation and unionized blue states, to head for greener pastures in more conservatively governed, lower-taxed, and right-to-work red states. - Elric

  2. Their thoughts.

    The Cuban Embargo has had no impact on the Castros or communism in Cuba. And the boycott should be abandoned.

    We should boycott North Carolina.

  3. Has beens like Bruce Springsteen are boycotting the Old North State. Good riddance.

    I hear that the NBA "All-Star" game may boycott unless HB2 is repealed.

    If anything, that is an additional very good reason to keep HB2 in place and unchanged.

    Steve in Greensboro

  4. They're doing Jim Hardie proud.

    (baby boomer thing)

  5. Would that be the same Wells Fargo that is campaigning for blanket amnesty because such a large share of its profits come from the remittances illegal aliens send back home via the company?

    1. I think you mean Western Union. - Elric

  6. I wish my home state of Montana would pass something to scare off a few of our Hollywood flakes.

  7. I wish my home state of Montana would pass something to scare off a few of our Hollywood flakes.