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Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit and Trump show the West ain't dead yet

Call it xenophobic, Islamophobic, racist, nativist, or even fascist. The people no longer care what words are used thrown at them. They no longer will be cowed by the political elite. After 15 years of the War on Terrorism,. Muslims have the upper hand. Our leaders are too cowardly to stand up to these invaders, We watch. We see. We realize our leaders are paper tigers. We need real ones. Lions, actually.

And so the British defied the experts and voted to get out of the European Union while the getting is good. They want to stop the flood of migrants who rape women and children while the political leaders cover up the crimes. For 16 long years, officials in Rotherham, England, covered up the molestation of 1,400 boys and girls by Muslim migrants. This is what invading armies do to warn civilians not to interfere. In Cologne, Germany, Muslim migrants gang-raped hundreds of young German women. It happened in other towns as well. German politicians forced the police to try to hide these crimes.

The migrants refuse to assimilate, In fact, in London, the Muslim mayor wants to ban ads with women in bikinis. Instead they demand the rights of citizenry without the bother of changing their ways.

Sound familiar? We have 11 million illegal aliens who are the same way. Most are not Mexican, although the majority are Hispanic. The refusal of elected officials to deport is a bipartisan sacrifice of the American worker at the altar of the Chamber of Commerce and other monetary interest groups who push a New World Order.

On top of the Muslim issue, the European Union has a super bureaucracy issuing off with their heads edicts that would give pause to the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland, or even the 9th U.S. Circuit Court. But for years Nigel Farage spoke against the European Parliament and its courts to little avail. I am no expert on British politics (or for that matter, the United States) but I am inclined to believe the rising terrorism and sex crimes fueled this decision to leave more than anything. Maybe it was the final straw, but a government that fails to protect the people likely gets replaced by one that will.

Brexit was an odd blow to the establishment. I am pretty sure it pleases Queen Elizabeth II to watch her subjects reject the EU. It was a grand experiment that failed. But the establishment struck back -- throwing financial panic at those belligerent  Brits.

From Bloomberg News:
Global markets buckled, with stocks plunging from Tokyo to London and Chicago, as the BBC projected a victory for the "Leave" campaign with most votes counted in Britain’s referendum on membership of the European Union. The pound fell the most on record, while haven assets jumped.
Sterling tumbled 10 percent, the euro slid by the most since it was introduced in 1999 and the yen had its biggest surge since 1998. South Africa’s rand led losses among the currencies of commodity-exporting nations, sliding more than 6 percent as oil sank to about $47 a barrel and industrial metals slumped. Gold soared with U.S. Treasuries as investors piled into haven assets. Futures on the FTSE 100 Index plunged with S&P 500 Index contracts as Asian stocks dropped by the most in five years.
“Brexit is now the base case,” said Matthew Sherwood, head of investment strategy at Perpetual Ltd. in Sydney, which manages about $21 billion. “Investors are just trying to get out. You sell first and ask questions later. There was a massive miscalculation of risk and now you’re seeing all that unwind.”
The debate over the U.K.’s EU membership has dominated investor sentiment in June, with appetite for riskier assets having built up over the past week as bookmakers’ odds suggested the chance of a so-called Brexit was less than one in four. It’s now become a certainty, Odds checker data show. Central banks and governments have warned a British withdrawal from the EU would hurt global economic growth and trigger volatility in financial markets.
The panic makes no sense of course. Commerce within Europe will continue as usual until the details of the divorce emerge. This is a temper tantrum. The New World Order did not get its way.

Proper investors should have already taken into account the Brexit vote. Thursday's rise in the stock indices - on hopes that Remain would win -- made no sense from a financial point of view either. Why would stocks be worth more if nothing changed?

It's political manipulation.

The warning that Brexit "would hurt global economic growth and trigger volatility in financial markets" assumes there is enough global economic growth left to hurt following the 2008-2009 collapse from which we have yet to recover, even after the Federal Reserve pumped trillions into the stock market.

The Brexit vote was a feel-good moment in British history. Until the details are worked out, the vote is meaningless. You think the same bastards who got everyone into this EU mess will allow Britain to leave without putting up a good fight? We still have jarhead Never Trumpers vowing to steal the nomination at the convention. The Brexit vote is only the beginning of the battle. We shall see how this plays out. 

But Brexit did get the attention of the politicians. I cannot see how Muslim immigration can continue at this pace after this vote.

Hillary Clinton lined up with Remain. She had to. The Saudis and myriad other Geppettos pull her strings.

But Trump has no master and he favored Leave. 

Does this mean the Brexit won is an omen that Trump will win in November?

Of course not. The huge crowds he is drawing and the fact that Hillary is an unloved lying crook sealed that deal long ago.

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  1. In a written statement, Trump underscored the parallels further, saying U.K. residents “declared their independence” from the E.U., and: “Come November, the American people will have the chance to re-declare their independence. Americans will have a chance to vote for trade, immigration and foreign policies that put our citizens first."

    I can't wait. - Elric

    1. Agreed. A great statement by Trump.

      Nice timing.

    2. Sometimes the stars align.

      Does anybody else get a Thatcher-Reagan sense of deja-vu?

      Of course, this time the Vatican isn't buying in the way it did under the Polish Pope. Course, he was one of a kind. But I like that Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán's style.

      I wonder whether 2016 will be for conservative politics what 1968 was for the liberal kind?

      Maybe, just maybe, political correctness and all its fellow-travellers are about to be reamed, seamed, and dry-cleaned. In fact, in view of said demise of P.C., let's make that screwed, blued, and tattooed.

  2. Amen,brother Surber, preach it...

  3. Remember Jim Messina was consulting for Cameron

    1. That is not going to look good on a resume.

    2. I saw him perform with Kenny Loggins in 1975.

      Steve in Greensboro

  4. Never believed that the Limeys had it in them, not these days. Glad to be proved wrong.

    Virtually no party campaigned for "Leave", with the exception of UKIP. The average Brit has delivered his opinion on David Cameron, the Conservative Party, the Labor Party and the European elites, one of "a pox on all your houses". Or, if you like, "F*** you, and f*** the lot of yez".

    Now Cameron's resigned, maybe that Boris Johnson will get up as the new British Prime Minister. I imagine if the EU tried to drag things out for the exiting British, he'd just give a date and say "This is when we're leaving. Deal with it."

    And now Marine Le Pen has promised the French people a Frexit vote if her party is elected. That could get interesting.

    1. Hey, everybody thought they'd fold after Dunkirk.

    2. Imagine: Marine LePen as French President or Prime Minister and either Nigel Farage or Daniel Hannan as British Prime Minister. And top it off with Donald Trump as President of these United States. Strike up the band for a rousing rendition of "The World Turned Upside Down." - Elric

    3. The Brit Conservative party is as conservative as our GOP. Mores the pity.

  5. The average voter in the Western world is so sick of being ignored that he is, as Billy Joel sang, going to extremes to achieve some sort of breakthrough of the elitists' mind-shell.

    "Call me a joker, call me a fool
    Right at this moment I'm totally cool
    Clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife
    I feel like I'm in the prime of my life
    Sometimes it feels like I'm going too fast
    I don't know how long this feeling will last
    Maybe it's only tonight

    Darling I don't know why I go to extremes
    Too high or too low there ain't no in-betweens
    And if I stand or I fall
    It's all or nothing at all
    Darling I don't know why I go to extremes"

  6. “…The panic makes no sense of course. Commerce within Europe will continue as usual until the details of the divorce emerge. This is a temper tantrum. The New World Order did not get its way…”

    That was my initial reaction, that the panic made no sense. My guess is that the Ruling Class will defy the will of the British people and not exit. The Ruling Class likes to hold referenda over and over again until the vote goes the way they want. And if it doesn’t, they have their pet Supreme Court overrule the referendum.

    Soros will not put up with this garbage.

    But what if I’m wrong? What if the Ruling Class, at least in the Anglosphere, is beginning to lose its grip on power? This Brexit vote and the Trump nominations are both strong evidence that they are.

    In that case, we are in for a wild ride sooner rather than later. The Ruling Class via their Central Bank is keeping the stock market and bond market bubbles inflated. There will be huge short term pain if the money-printing stops.

    I think that is the source of the Ruling Class panic as evidenced by the turmoil in the markets.

    Steve in Greensboro

    1. We say to them, "You, and the lame Shetland ponies you rode in on."

  7. One of your best, Don! And you've been on effing fire for months now ...

    1. +1 Jeffbro. Big D is bringing it like he never has before. It's righteous.

  8. The financial panic we are seeing today after the Brexit vote in GB reveals the fundamental problem with globalization. A monolithic E.U. is like a ship with no watertight compartments in its hull. Once the hull is breached, the entire ship is flooded; it becomes everyone for himself. Greece's multiple flirtations with bankruptcy nearly sank the E.U. Now GB's exit from the E.U. panics the entire Continent and spills over to the rest of the world economy, as the insiders see their get-rich arrangements under jeopardy. Just as a modern vessel is designed with watertight compartments to prevent a single gash in the hull from sinking the ship, so should the global economy be compartmentalized to keep the failure of one nation's economy from sinking the economy of the whole world. In independence, there is security. The failure of one need not mean the failure of all.

  9. Fantastic Don! Well done! The UK Brexit deal is a big one for the people and a thumb in the eye of the evil greedy UK bureaucrats, and other scum like Tony Blair and David Cameron. Three cheers for Nigel Farage!

  10. Brilliant analogue from Iapetus!

  11. Brilliant analogue from Iapetus!

  12. So, Obama has now backed off his pre-Brexit threat to send Britain to "the back of the queue" if they Brexited. Once again, an Obama Red Line has been crossed with impunity. If anything, Obama's ill-considered remark worked in favor of the Leave vote.

  13. It seems to escaped notice that Switzerland is doing pretty well on the economic front despite being a member of neither the EU nor the EEA (the European Economic Area, to which Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein belong). So why not Britain? If Switzerland, why not London to remain a haven for international banking and economic activity after Brexit? Will the EU move to freeze out the Brits to intimidate other restless EU members that are thinking about a possible exit, or will a heavy hand directed against London from Berlin via Brussels backfire and hasten the departure of those who are now sitting on the fence?

  14. Our rich and powerful elites have much in common with their overseas elites. They look at globalism and the migration of peoples with glee and don't understand why the rubes are not happy. Of course those living behind gated walls, and who have others do their mixing with the common folk have little understanding of citizens concerns. The elites travel in a closed circle and hardly ever experience the views of the middle and lower class of people.
    If the world had all of its 7 billion people with a common culture, belief in the same rule of law, tolerance towards others' beliefs, had similar economic conditions and levels of education it would be like the United States and the world could be without borders. That isn't reality and will not be for a long time, if ever. Bringing into any developed country masses of intolerant, uneducated and those with values that resist change to their adopted countries' cultures creates a slow burning resentment by the native citizens and anarchy in stages.
    As a decently educated and well traveled person, nationally and internationally, it is obvious to me why the elites' beliefs are illogical and dangerous.