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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Your silly endorsements mean nothing

Never Trump has become Drama Queen central. The self-righteous right continues to preen to my amusement because I am looking at my watch and waiting for November 8. No teeth are gnashed because Paul Ryan -- veep loser last time -- is petulant about backing the nominee. Ho-hum.

The Family Bush has not endorsed Trump. Cruz hasn't. In fact, all the losers in the Republican Party are reluctant to endorse Trump. Their endorsements may have meant something during the primaries, but now? Do you really think Mitt Romney will flip one Democratic voter or sway on independent? That was his trouble last time. He had his chance. No walk, loser.

I contend that the backing of the Washington Establishment would hurt Trump more than it would help. Trump needs to convince independents and Democrats that he will not be placing a teabag on his head and demanding transvestites -- excuse me, transgenders (which do not exist) -- to use the men's room. Trump will wisely blow off the social issues and concentrate on Hillary, the economy, Hillary, the wall, Hillary, and Muslim terrorism. The Tea Party days are over. We got screwed over. Move on. It's Trump time.

He will go off the reservation from time to time. He has a little Geronimo in him. But really, the world is not expecting George Pataki or any of the other 15 losers in the race to campaign for him.

Trump is the Republican Party now. He is running the show. He is the main attraction, in fact, the only attraction. In the marketplace of ideas, Jeb lost. Rubio lost. Cruz lost. Why? Because the neocon movement which took over the post-Reagan Republicans failed. What is our national debt now? $19 trillion? The Athwart History Guardians Of Chairman Buckley's Body at the National Review stood athwart history four years ago against the man who last balanced the budget -- Newt Gingrich.

They tried that again, and lost.

Lee Iaccoca liked to say either lead, follow, or get out of the way. Trump's nomination pushed the Never Trump brigade aside. They can follow or not. But they cannot lead and they surely are out of the way.

Meanwhile, the woman from Goldman Sachs spoke up:
Drawing a parallel between the long-term efforts of her husband's supporters and the fight to end slavery, Heidi Cruz said Tuesday that it took "a lot longer than four years" for the latter fight to be successful. 
On a conference call with the campaign's National Prayer Team, Heidi Cruz portrayed Ted Cruz's presidential campaign, which ended a week ago, as one part of a broader journey similar to the abolition of slavery. 
“I don’t want you to feel like any of this was in vain," Heidi Cruz said. "I believe in the power of prayer. This doesn’t always happen on the timing of man, and God does not work in four-year segments."
"Be full of faith and so full of joy that this team was chosen to fight a long battle," she continued. "Think that slavery — it took 25 years to defeat slavery. That is a lot longer than four years."
Don't even.

Please, don't even put yourself or your crybaby husband in the category of Harriet Tubman, lady


  1. Most of the post of course is predictable Trumpkin chest-beating. But the end... "crybaby"? Why?

    It's especially rich coming from the team that whimpered and whined constantly that they couldn't understand the delegate rules.

    1. Your problem is that you are irrelevant.

      Every sneering, snarky comment you make only serves to highlight your uselessness. People of your ilk are behaving like a bunch of head banging, stompy footed, tantrum throwing two year olds which shows just how weak and powerless you really are.

    2. Anonymous: I guess "useless" may be correct now that we've put a Democrat at the top of the Republican ticket.

      Teapartydoc: Hey, don't strain yourself with those deep thoughts.

    3. lol "couldn't understand the rules" fact is Donald knows the rules and had people who knew the rules Cruz just got out maneuvered and got made out to look like a corrupt sneaky and lying rat. Every single exit poll had Cruz leading in "has worked the dirtiest campaign".

      As for a democrat get fucked Ken. Trump is giving the base pretty much everything it's been asking for over the last 8 years.

    4. If he "knew and understood the rules", but chose to complain and whine so that Cruz was "made out to look like a corrupt sneaky and lying rat", I guess Trump was lying. And clearly you're fine with that.

      And my mistake for hoping the base of the Republican party was Republican.

      Your other comment confirms why you're a Trump supporter.

  2. God told Cruz and his poppa, but I didn't get the word.

  3. Don:

    Read Scott Adams today on Trump. And here is my comment from your "Does Trump Need NeverTrump?"

    AnonymousMay 9, 2016 at 2:24 PM

    One thing I do see are critics demanding the details of any proposal from Trump, and he isn't giving them out.

    I think that is a good move on his part. First, this is a political campaign and what is needed are broad themes. While all of those fine details may make the pundits and the wonks happy they do not provide anything useful to a candidate. In fact too many details at this stage are damaging because it gives critics something to hammer a candidate with and none of those details are actually going to be relevant next year.

    That last is actually a Second point. No details of any plan are going to survive contact with reality and the political reality a year from now id going to be very different than it is today. The details will need to be worked out when the legislation is being drafted, with the people who are going to be negotiating, based on the political landscape then.

    - Mikey NTH

  4. God knows this country could use a bit of Chiricahua blood in its leaders these days.

  5. Think for a moment about the interviews being done by the nevertumpers and what must go through the minds of the people they are trying to convince to run. For anyone to do this in a serious way they would have to be accomplished in their lives already; they would have to be at rest with the notion that after being embarrassed, as they inevitably would be, that their prospects for any further political success would be nil. Anyone without that degree of prior accomplishment would have to be promised some job after the attempt, because again, there would be no hope of further political success. And then they would have to come up with some rock star running mate who would add some pizzazz to the ticket, and who also wouldn't mind being totally embarrassed. Or they could run a Pat Paulsen campaign and not really give a boot. Either way things don't look good for them. Perhaps this is why that Weakling Substandard dude was acting so frustrated the other day.

  6. All those folks done missed the boat. They are not on board, and are left behind on the dock.

  7. Trump has provided plenty of details. A wall. Renegotiating crappy trade deals. No more sanctuary cities. Stopping muzzie immigration. Deporting illegals. That is far more than anyone else has put forth, and far more any "principled conservative" has given us. Good enough for me and apparently good enough for tens of millions of Americans. Trump for the White House, Hillary for the Big House.

  8. I admit I may be drawing a very long bow here, but I can help but think that Trump looks set to be the Presidential equivalent of General George S. Patton.

    Maybe ... MAYBE ... he's a little nuts. But in the midst of the mad and the bad and the ugly ... and who would deny that's where we find ourselves in this Year of Our Lord 2016 ... maybe that quantum of nuts will mean we might come out the other side of this s***storm alive and kicking.

    Bottom line: I think Trump understands the strategy tree. Whereas Clinton devises a path that leads to victory, Trump devises a strategy tree where ALL paths lead to victory.

    And the thinking folks are sensing this. It's called "leadership".

    As opposed to "entitlement".

    1. Dave, I think that "unimproved" may be wrong.