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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Will prosecuting Hillary be Obama's legacy?

President Obama became testy when asked by a reporter today about the FBI’s ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. The stench of scandal from the ruthless corruption of his first secretary of State befouls his legacy, even as he tries to enhance his presidential Curriculum vitae with an Asian trade pact.

The Washington Times reported:
At a press conference in Japan, the president said he would take one more question from reporters. But when the question turned out to be about Mrs. Clinton’s emails that violated State Department rules, he quickly changed his mind.
“You know I take it back — I’m not taking another question,” Mr. Obama said. “We’re in Japan, don’t you have something to do with Asia that we want to talk about? I’ll be talking about this in Washington the whole time.”
He added, “I've already said a lot on those issues — I think these are better directed to the campaign.”
Obama has been the least press friendly president in the broadcast era, which stretches back to Warren G. Harding. But the press enjoys the abuse, and actually detests Donald Trump because he is the most press-friendly presidential candidate since Jack Kennedy.

However, the testiness of the president is understandable. He is going to have to sign off on indicting Hillary. Her peddling State Department favors to foreign governments reflects on him. All Valerie Jarrett has to do is say, “Legacy.”

The FBI is doing too thorough a job. Not only must they be able to have evidence that is above a reasonable doubt, they must be able to prove a crime so heinous that at least half of her supporters cry for her head.

Timing is everything in comedy and politics, which makes August the perfect month for an indictment because the Philadelphia convention will be over and Clinton will be the nominee. This would allow Clinton to resign from the campaign, and Obama as head of the party would decide who would replace her on the ticket, most likely her running mate. That is why Elizabeth Warren is the Democratic Party’s most likely vice presidential candidate this year.

Warren would have two months to make her case to the American people. As a fresh face, she will have a better chance that Crooked Clinton or Crazy Bernie.

On January 20 of this year – a year before the inauguration, I predicted Obama likely will sign off an indictment.

Will prosecuting Hillary be Obama's legacy?




The leaks from Washington are getting larger and faster.

Just as in Watergate, the leaks do not come randomly or by chance. In that take down of a president, the guy behind it was Deep Throat, the man Nixon passed over for FBI director.

This time, the leaks may be coming courtesy of the Oval Office, but with no way to track it back there. This is an orchestration by someone, not Obama, per se, but more likely the voice in his ear: Valerie Jarrett.

Hear me out. This is what we know.

1. Obama cannot stand Hillary.

2. Obama was stuck with Hillary as Secretary of State.

3. Hillary was stuck as Obama's Secretary of State with nothing to do as he never outsourced diplomacy.

But Valerie Jarrett and Obama are not fools. They did not appoint her and ignore her. They kept tabs on her. They knew what she was up to, which was using the office to take foreign bribes laundered through her charity, which was really a front to keep her campaign staff on the payroll.

Hillary also made a good patsy when things went wrong. Anyone connect Benghazi to Obama? Of course not.

This isn't devious. This is the way things are done. I am not saying Obama approved -- or disapproved -- any of this, or that he knew the true nature and depth of her whoring out the Department of State. I doubt it. He looks as far as his mirror. But surely they knew something was up, and that they had to take out the trash.

In retrospect, Obama's appointment of James Brien Comey Jr. as FBI director is brilliant. Comey is by all accounts a man of integrity, an assistant attorney general who stood up to President Bush 43 over NSA spying. Obama's appointment of Comey assures that the investigation of Hillary is professional and not something slapped together by some special prosecutor. The Benghazi investigation is a mess. This one isn't. The FBI has more than 35,000 employees and experience in white collar crimes.

Prosecuting Hillary is a winner for Obama as it feeds her to the Left, which has hated her ever since the Hillarycare debacle. Prosecution also makes him look honest. Think what you may of him, but there is a decency about him, and he did block her from the presidency. Judging by how craven for power she is -- how she mistreats others -- she would have been worse. Far worse.

We shall see what happens. But do not be surprised if, at the end of the drama that will ensue once they send the report and recommendation to the White House, if Obama (via Attorney General Loretta Lynch) approves the seeking of an indictment or the filing of an information.

That is how I see it. What do I know?

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  1. Pissy would like to go down as someone who advanced Leftism, but you can't do that and pay back old debts the way Uncle Joe did.

  2. Never going to happen. Hillary is a Dem. They protect their own.

  3. It looks like Obama gave Hillary just enough rope to hang herself. - Elric

  4. Not Pocahontas, Slow Joe.
    The Dem ticket will be Biden/Warren

  5. Not Pocahontas, Slow Joe.
    The Dem ticket will be Biden/Warren

  6. Hmm, I was thinking Slo Joe Biden, but maybe Liz. (The current governor of Massachusetts is a Republican--when was the last time they changed their rules for filling a vacancy?)

  7. I cannot see The Won as decent. Does not comport with what I've seen. YMMV, and does.

  8. Obama will prosecute Hillary. She will drop out and release all of her delegates in exchange for a pardon. Her delegates, virtually all feminazis, will rush to support Michelle Obama as president. As part of the pardon deal, Clinton Foundation will fund the campaign. You heard it here first.

  9. Surely Obama's toilet-liberation obsession will be his legacy.

    But King Crapper will need a Pharoahesque crown-and-torque. Does anyone remember the "Motel of the Mysteries" satire?

    As for the Clintons, their Leftie empire is starting to bear a distinct resemblance to that pyrotechnic map of the Ponderosa.

    1. I remember seeing and looking thru one. D/n buy it, though.

  10. You can go back months of comments here and see that I have written over and over again that Biden will be the nominee. Joe's waiting in the wings to get the call. And Obama is waiting anxiously for Comey to wind up the FBI investigation and forward his report to the DoJ. I'd guess Obama must be getting pretty nervous over the long delay, that he'd strongly prefer for the FBI to wrap things up sooner rather than later.

    An indictment of Hillary does two things to benefit Obama (and I've written this before): 1) it makes Obama's legacy look much better when the history of his presidency is written, and 2) a discredited Clinton machine won't be in a position to compete for money from big donors, something Obama needs to make his presidential library as huge as his ego. The Obamas are planning to travel the same road taken by the Clintons to wealth and influence after the presidency. The Obamas don't need extra traffic on that road from the Clintons.

  11. There is zero chance that Hillary! gets indicted by the Justice Department. This battle is solely about whether the FBI recommends prosecution or not. Here are the odds as I see it:

    The FBI recommends prosecution - 10%. The recommendation will go nowhere and Comey's career will be over. In fact, he will be lucky to stay out of prison himself. The MSM/DNC axis will go after Comey, his family, his friends to send the clear signal to friend and foe alike: no one crosses the Queen!

    The FBI clears Hillary! with a lame “mistakes were made but no crime were committed” excuse - 30%. This cements Comey’s reputation in history as a coward but he gets to keep his dream job as FBI Director. Plus, his friends and family are safe – no small consideration in the thugocracy that America has become.

    The FBI punts - 60%. . A weasely “we cannot determine if crimes have been committed or not” that tries to avoid the outright lie that Hillary! is innocent while (hopefully!) avoiding the wrath of the Far Left. This seems to me to be the most likely outcome and I think this is where you should place your bets.

    1. The option you omitted---which is the most likely one, I'd say at a probability of 90% or more---is that the FBI's report to the DoJ will lay out the facts from its investigation but make no specific recommendation regarding prosecution. The FBI investigates, but it is the AG who will decide whether the facts of the FBI investigation warrant prosecution.

    2. There is another thing-the
      National Security Division.
      This is a Department within the Justice Department. I
      suspect they are running a
      secret grand jury. Hence the
      most obvious immunity(s)
      granted to Pagliano and
      Guccifer. Far more serious than expecting Lynch to do
      something. The NSC is made
      up of very serious,dedicated
      people.There will be an indictment. I am sure of it.
      Now, it may not be Hillary,
      but Huma, or some other minion that will be asked to
      fall on their sword, this time I do not think there will be any one to do the Web Hubble. The FBI will
      place a burning sack of manure on Lynch's desk.
      she will have to deal with it before the sprinkers go off.. TG McCoy

  12. I still think that Killary can hurt Obama bad in court discoveries and he will pardon her before anybody can get her near a court.

    I further think that he will then resign (abdicate?) and whatzisname? (oh yeah, Biden) will pardon him (Obama).

  13. Obama cannot sign off on prosecuting Hillary, otherwise the Clinton's will spill the beans on Obama: where he was really born, who his real biological mother is, etc.

  14. Yah, normally the Clintons would have some dirt on the Zero to stave off an indictment, but they made the mistake of involving their darling little grifterette in the Clinton foundation. The threat of sending Chelsea and Bill off to the clink will be enough to get Monica's boyfriend's wife to just shut up and drop out in exchange for a pardon. The sealed indictments of hubby and the prop will keep her mouth shut.

  15. Bernie knows this which is why he is staying to the end. The convention will pit Bernie who was in the race the whole time against Biden, the last minute candidate. Maybe Bernie will sell out for Secretary of the treasury.

  16. Add this from FOX News: In a two-hour deposition with the conservative legal watchdog group Judicial Watch last week, Lewis Lukens [a long-time State Department official] also said he offered to set up a "stand-alone" computer for Clinton to check her personal email account, only to be told that she "does not know how to use a computer to do email."

    She claimed she only knew how to send email using a Blackberry, but not a computer. In other words, she lied to State Department officials in order to hide the fact that she had hired someone to set up a private email server in her home. So of course she refused their offer to put a PC in her office to use for personal emails, because she had secret plans in the works!

    If the FBI has been doing a thorough job in its investigation, they already must have the same highly incriminating information. But if not, they sure know it now.

  17. I still have August or September as the dime-dropping months.

  18. My wife dotted-lined to Comey at Lockheed and said he was the most honorable man she'd ever worked for. I was getting worried about my marriage at one point! Haha. I met him and he is a total standup dude. This will not go well for Her Thighness, and then the Demmies will have to deal with the wreckage. And I can't wait. So fun...better than putt putt golf!

  19. The DNC is completely Bought and Paid For by ClintonWorld, Inc. So many DNC execs and senior staffers are women beholden to the whole identity politics thing that the will to call Hillary! into that side room to have that Torricelli Talk cannot be summoned up. Hell, DWS cannot even be dislodged and is ALL IN for Hillary! DNC operatives will bend every by-law in sight, Super Dels will be strong armed to go HRC, those few that have strayed, she will get the nomination, split the D vote fatally and DJT will be the next president.
    Any mention meantime of Hillary!'s fate will evoke an instant change of subject and it will be dropped.

    Save DJT...